Saturday, March 25, 2017

bunnies and more ....

I wanted to share some bunnies with you - not dust bunnies although we have planty of those to share.  You'll see them - 2 of them - leaning up against the vase of flowers ... their ears will stand up straight but I like to have one bent over for character.  These are so quick and easy to crochet and have all sorts of uses - perhaps even as napkin rings.  I made mine from #4 yarn and a 3.5 mm hook - the bows are made from #3 yarn with the same hook.

The yellow flower is not a sunflower but a gerbera - at the time I had no black yarn on hand - now I do and I will make a few more in other colours - they'll look nice pinned onto a grapevine wreath with a few green leaves thrown in or with wire attached and standing in a jar/vase or ......

Since the crocheted flowers didn't quite fill the vase I added an African Flower topper (see this post for the link) - these are fun to make - this one is made with #3 yarn.  The coasters are made with cotton yarn - such yummy colours.  I needed a thread catcher so a tuna can with a crocheted cover was perfect (see this post for the link) - my fabric ones are still packed away -  the vacuum pusher had mentioned the loose threads that always seem to find their way to the floor.

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Too late I noticed a couple of typos in my last two posts and I apologize - hopefully there are none here.  

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

just hooking ...

I know, it's been awhile since I posted - no exuses.  March came in like a lion and hasn't quit roaring yet.  We have more snow now than we had all winter and just recently it's been topped with ice .... I'm very much feeling 'cooped up' since it's too icy to walk - to walk anywhere let alone to actually take a nice long walk.  To add insult to injury DST arrived - for the last 13 years we lived where DST was not observed and enjoyed it.  I've been tired all week and I blame the time change.  

We've been out to the cabin a few times but there is still too much snow to do anything there - with the March snowfall the snow that was ankle deep is now knee high.
I've been keeping myself busy and for a change from sharing unfinished stitched pieces here are a few of the things I've hooked and actually are finished .....

some facecloths, a soap saver, and can covers.   I was trying out different stitches and sizes for the facecloths - I like a seven inch square.  The blue can cover is actually hyacinth and pale green.  The can covers are quite simply a chain that fits snugly around the can and then whatever stitch(es) you want till it's high enough; for some great ideas and instructions have a look here - I love all the colour Lucy uses.  These are water chestnut cans and were the perfect size.  

I'd like to learn to make soap - that doesn't require lye.  A pretty bar of soap along with a pretty crocheted face cloth would make a nice gift to give although perhaps not to receive.

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Sunday, March 5, 2017

something for spring ...

The prolonged spell of mild weather that ate away most of the snow had me thinking of spring.  So when I saw these cute embroidery designs I rummaged through my needlework box and came up with these threads and a piece of thin dropcloth - too thin to call it canvas - I wish I could find another dropcloth similar to this - it's thin and soft and makes up into wonderful things - I suspect it would be rather useless as an actual dropcloth.

I makd a hanging pocket from the design and on one of my regular walks I scrounged a few branches for it ...

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