Sunday, June 2, 2019

back and forth ...

We're back and forth to the cabin nowadays so my blogging time is limited.  And I'm using a new browser that prevents me from leaving comments on some blogs.   It's still very windy and extremely dry in cottage country and in town but the gardens are planted.

This is a recent read that I enjoyed - the ants are big this year .....

Hum, the hummingbird, likes to sit here after having a drink - 
sometimes it seems like he's 'lying in wait'   ...

Here he is coming in for a drink ...

no matter what yesterday was like,
birds always start the new day with a song

Thursday, May 23, 2019

odds 'n sods ....

It finally rained albeit not much - the moisture was desperately needed!  The dandelions finally bloomed providing a feast for the bees - people were immediately killing off the dandelions.

This was an interesting cloud seen at the cabin ...

A yellow headed blackbird joined the red wings for a sunflower seed feast ...

This is a favourite gathering place for the pelicans -  on the way to the cabin where a bridge crosses the Mossey River and the pelicans gather on both sides and quite a distance up the river - the photo was taken before the rain - it's a little greener now -  we always stop to watch them ...

I  enjoyed  this book ...

and this one was quite entertaining ... 

And here's cottage cat ...

i took a walk in the woods
and came out taller than the trees

Monday, May 13, 2019

me mudder...

"who sit me on the ice cold pot and me me pee whether I could or not - me mudder"  Do you remember these little me mudder ditties - I can only recall this particular one - we used to rattle them off when I was a kid, a very long time ago.   Anyway, we've been at the cabin where it's still quite cool and have been using the outhouse temporarily - every time I sat on the cold seat in the early morning this little ditty would come to mind and with it came fond memories of my and friends and our activities.  ^^

I made this for a friend for Mother's Day.  She lost her only child a few years ago and just recently lost her husband - I wanted to be sure she received something for Mother's Day.  Her favourite colour is blue and I'm hoping she likes lavender since that's what I filled the sachet with.  ^^  I backed it with a piece of toile in the same colours  - this is a design by Happiness is Cross Stitching - the wee rose will be the package tie-on instead of a bow - she's a classy lady so a parasol seemed appropriate.

try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

hard to believe ....

It's hard to believe that April is over today - this month flew by.  There have been a few very warm days and a wee bit of rain but it's been on the cool side - so cool that we haven't opened the cabin yet  - no doubt all the cold, open water contributes to the chill in the air.  But that's ok because it's warmer in town and we've been able to prepare the garden for planting - green onions and chives are already being harvested and there was enough rhubarb to make a batch of jam - grape jam this time - we sampled it this morning and it is very tasty.  This is the jar I gave to a neighbour...  

I've been trying out a new computer browser and I think I've finally gotten all the kinks worked out.  The best thing about it is the speed - I'm totally impressed with how quickly I can now check email, etc.  I've been using Firefox and like it except that it was continually 'not responding' and it was slow going.  The one I'm currently trying is Brave and I'm pleased with it - it gave me a few problems like not being able to leave a comment on some blogs but I think I have that sorted.  

Since I like to cross stitch and find it relaxing this is my latest finish, a Hands On design ...

who you are tomorrow begins with
what you do today

Thursday, April 18, 2019

bunnies ...

We've been having some wonderful weather!!!!  15 -18 C with lots of sunshine - it's been worth waiting for.

These bunnies worked up really quickly which is a good thing since I needed 50 of them.  ^^  The pattern is from here. These are the colours I used ... 


And I made myself a pair of  slippers from this pattern   ...

Have a nice Easter weekend!

kindness is free ...
sprinkle that stuff everywhere! 

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

april ...

I stitched this  one in honour of our anniversary which we celebrate in April.  We were married  'back in the day' when 'April showers bring May flowers' could be taken literally - those were the days. 

turn to the sun
and the shadows fall behind you ...

Thursday, April 4, 2019

finishing ...

I have a few x-stitch pieces that have not had the finishing touch  
 so I decided to catch up ...

This one is by Luli - sadly, her blog is no longer available - I really like her designs.

 This one is from Dani - it's adorable - not my best work unfortunately.

I like sheep/lamb designs.  This one I finished like a Victorian Pin Keep - I couldn't find a link with instructions to share with you - If you'd like to know how to make one I'll gladly share my method. 

I have an elderly aunt with whom I can no longer talk on the phone - we used to talk once a week - I miss our conversations.    Now I send her a wee note every week or so - this is what I included in the last note - I hope it made her smile - it's a Lucie Heaton design.

be the kind of person your dog thinks you are

Friday, March 29, 2019

some silliness ...

A few of us helped a wonderful lady celebrate her 82nd birthday -  if I should be half as sharp as she is when I'm that age I'll consider myself very lucky.  Along with birthday cake, ice cream, pink champagne and party favours we had lots of fun.  There were lollipop flowers for everyone and a corsage for the birthday girl.  

The lollipop flowers are called daisy dum dums - I think dum dums are a lollipop which isn't available in our neck of the woods - actually I couldn't find lollipops of any kind in the stores - I checked them all and expected to at least find tootsie pops - fortunately a neighbour had some of these lollipops on hand and donated them to the cause.  ^^  Repeat Crafter Me is the designer of the daisy dum dums and the corsage is a design by Teri Crewes .

shoot for the moon,
even if you miss, you'll land among the stars 

Monday, March 25, 2019

the other one ...

This is the other one that I stitched for the card for a friend's  March birthday.  I'm pleased with how it turned out ...

I tore a piece of brown paper for the background and made the envelope from gift wrap.

always believe something wonderful
is about to happen 

Thursday, March 21, 2019

bunny and daffodils ...

I stitched this one for a card for a friend's late March birthday - bunny and daffodils seemed appropriate.    No matter what I did it didn't look good as a card so I ended up stitching something else.  When I was sorting through my Spring and Easter pieces to display I realized that I could use more Spring ones and that's how/why this one ended up being finished this way.  Oddly enough I quite like it as a little pillow and yet it looked dreadful as a card - go figure.  ^^

There's been fabulously warm Spring weather this week - most of the snow has disappeared - I even heard a robin!  We've been taking advantage of it and spending a lot of time outdoors.

life is like a mirror -
smile at it and it smiles back at you 

Monday, March 18, 2019

fresh greens .....

These fresh greens are making us feel Spring-like ... am I beginning to sound desperate for Spring?  

 The top dish contains  beets, carrots, potato and daikon.
The bottom one has a Napa cabbage. 

there is always a reason to smile ...
find it!


Tuesday, March 12, 2019

warming up ...

Today the temperature actually reached +6C and there was sunshine - yeppers, water was running here and there and it was a beautiful day! 

I've been racking my brain trying to come up with something to share.  Do you really want to hear about doing my taxes or the friend who is ill in hospital or the weather that is slow to warm up or the raging cabin fever, etc.  I haven't been doing much needlework either - I did stitch one piece that was such a pretty design but I'm not pleased with how it turned out - completely my fault not the fault of the chart.  There, I did find something to talk about but there needs to be an accompanying photo - didn't take one of the delicious curried carrot soup that I made  nor of the yummy lemon butter or the English muffin bread. So how about the knitted square I made last month - I'm not a knitter although my mom taught me to knit at an early age  - and many years ago I knitted my toddler a fisherman knit pullover.  This square intrigued me and I wanted to see if I could do it - it's a better looking heart for real than it looks in the photo  - the best part is that I want to do more knitting now ...

having a soft heart in a cruel world
is courage, not weakness 


Friday, March 1, 2019

march ...

I am so ready for Spring this year - the months have gone by quickly but the winter weather has been with us for a long time.   So I decided to celebrate the arrival of meteorological Spring.  My thanks to Maja at The Snowflower Diaries for this beautiful design...

The plants are enjoying the warmer sun and longer days ...

happiness is not a destination - 
it is the journey

Thursday, February 28, 2019

birthday gift ...

It wasn't my birthday but Meg's   and she was giving away gifts ... and I won one!!   This pretty packaging ...

contained all these lovely goodies ...

Thank you Meg!

Monday, February 25, 2019

missing link ...

 This is posted at the request of Lavender Dreamer - not sure how we can help but this could happen to any of us - this will at least help you find her blog again.



Saturday, February 23, 2019

The Behemoth squashes the little Lavender Dreamer

That's right. "The Rise of the Machines" is upon us. Our former happy little blog ( was suddenly terminated.

Why and how was it done? It wasn't someone reporting us. It was Google's automated piece of software (a bot) that roams the Blogger world looking for pre-programmed words of woe. Once it detects something it kills the whole blog without warning. Without any notification about these supposed offending words. Without an opportunity to fix anything. Just ZAP ... your digital life is deleted. Everything is gone!

Ten years of blogging, thousands of posts, many thousands of photos, over ten thousand comments and a hundred thousand heart-felt words all gone in an instant. Devastating! Be warned all you innocents in blogland.

The blog was actually removed twice, for "phishing". Which, as you all know, is absurd. We have never asked for your personal, private information. The Appeals process reinstated the blog the first time then the Google Bot zapped us again the next day. But the second time we were locked out of the Appeals process. We tried sending Feedback. Never got a answer. Tried to post to the Blogger Help Community. They never published the post. Located twenty phone numbers for Google. The numbers are all automated and only a couple allowed you to leave a message. We left messages. Never got a callback.

Google/Blogger pronounces you guilty using an "automated system" (their words) and gives you little or no opportunity to prove otherwise. It's been a nightmare. (for more details see the timeline post below)

So what choice do we have now that Google/Blogger has burned down our blog? Like the Phoenix from Greek mythology we shall rise from the ashes with this new blog. We will start over and hope that our many friends and followers will be able to find us and that they will never ever have to suffer the same fate.
Mr. Lavender D.

You can imagine how devastating this has been to me. I appreciate my sweet hubby taking the time to help me start a new blog. But can I ask all of you to do me a favor? Will you please put a sentence or two in your next post to let people know where I am and what has happened to me? You can say that my blog was unfairly removed by Blogger and we are trying our best to get it back, but for now I will post updates on the process here:
And also a plea to Blogger to bring back lavenderdreamstoo. We're a supportive community! Maybe they will listen if we all voice our consternation together!
Thank you, Lavender Dreamer Diane

You have our permission to copy and paste any part or all of this post to your social media. At the very least please post a few lines on your own blog about what's happened to Lavender Dreams and include our new blog address. Thanks. MrLD


Let me be clear, we love blogging. We've been doing it since 2005.

I personally have created probably 60 or more blogs for family, friends, clubs, organizations and given blogging classes in our retirement community. All for free. All on Blogger. They all have worked well, present issue excepted, because Blogger has provided the best platform. Plus it's free.

We use numerous other Google products, again all free. And they work well. As you can see, I believe in free (and open source)!

This present issue has shown us that the customer service area of Google/Blogger may need some improvement. And the process of automatically removing a blog or other product really needs some work because, as we discovered, there was no warning mechanism or contact prior to execution. We were only notified after the death of our blog.

Because we ran into so many roadblocks on our quest for answers we had to resort to making this issue known to our friends and followers. It is with the blogging community's help that we hope to solve this issue.

Thanks to all who have pitched in with their support and encouragement.


PS: We're not mad, we're sad.


The beginning of the end was Monday, February 18.
     The end of eternity was Tuesday, February 19.

The timeline is being compiled and will publish soon.

(new comments disabled until timeline is completed)
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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

spring cleaning ...

I've been keeping busy doing some 'spring cleaning' - why wait till spring to do it when that's when I want to be outdoors.  So all the kitchen, bathroom, linen, and bedroom drawers, closets, etc. have had a thorough sorting and tidying, furniture and cabinets have been polished.  There is still the storage in the garage to be dealt with but it's just a bit too chilly in there just now.  There is also a box of paper to be shredded but since the shredder is at the cabin it will have to wait.

These are a couple of cards I made for neighbour birthdays this month.  I backed the x-stitch with interfacing then secured it to the card stock with double faced tape.  The envelopes were made from a pale grey parchment.  They aren't fancy but it's the thought that counts - right?! 

Our weather is totally not the usual and has us confused - makes me wonder if the wildlife and birds are confused as well or do they adapt better than we do.  This month has alternated between extreme cold and lots of snow.  However, we are enjoying that the days are longer and the sun is warmer.  Just the other day there was a flock of cedar waxwings dining at the cherry trees - what a sight that was!! 

kindness is free ...
sprinkle that stuff everywhere

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

i'm in love ...

I'm in love with this wee mouse ...

 When I saw this sweetie I simply had to have one - the designer is Little Muggles.

it's not what you look at that matters - 
it's what you see

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

a quickie ...

Last month when I was checking out my February pieces I was surprised that I had so few so this one was a quick stitch and finish.  I used DMC variegated red (115) on white and the fabric is a mottled red - poor photo, I know, but it is what it is.  It's a design  by Sandy.  It works up quickly so you have time to have it done before the 14th!

if you want a rainbow
you have to tolerate the rain

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

something different ...

It's obviously a good idea to take a photo before displaying since the camera picks up the loose ends, etc. - I was so sure I had this wreath trimmed up nicely until I saw the photo.   I made this to have something different on the door - the last one I made didn't make the move with us.

This is an oldie that I'm sharing again ....

and I think to myself ...
what a wonderful world

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

I simply love stitching sheep.  ^^    I actually managed to stitch and finish a new piece for February!

Thankfully, the cold weather was short lived but, alas, so was the sunshine. 

The chart can be found  here.

it's not what you look at that matters 
it's what you see 

Friday, January 18, 2019

apparently ....


Apparently an Arctic outflow is responsible for the chill in the air today - with the windchill it is -40C which is the same as 40 below F - the temperature itself is only -30C.  The good news is that this cold air brings lots of sunshine with it which we're enjoying.

I made this quilt block early last month with plans to turn it into a cushion cover - unfortunately, Christmas and the flu got in the way.  It is one block from a Christmas Quilt by Lorna.
Her instructions are excellent.  I stitched this one entirely by hand just to see if I could - I enjoyed the hand stitching so much that I'll be doing it again. 

I enjoy making soup and it's especially enjoyable when it's cold outside.  This is what was in today's  soup pot - an easy recipe that cooks up quickly and is delicious  - based on this recipe . 

 from out of darkness and cold,
the light and hope return

Saturday, January 12, 2019


 I decided to try making some facial scrubbies - the idea behind these is to be green by not using cotton balls/pads that get thrown in the garbage - good idea and I like to be 'green'.  So I tried out a couple of patterns - one has some nubbies (that you can barely see in the photo) on one surface that are created by making a single crochet picot - the other has a lacey edge - I prefer the one with the lacey edge.  ^^  I like them and now need to make more.  I use them with baking soda.  I like a sugar scrub for my hands when I'm gardening or painting/staining but don't use it on my face.

 You will find instructions here and here .

a friendly look, a kindly smile,
one good act and life's worthwhile 


Saturday, January 5, 2019

wee mousie ...

This wee mousie is what I've been working on this past week.  It was a toss up whether  it was a male and should have a toque and scarf or a female with a hooded cape - I wanted to make the cape  - it can have a toque another time.    ^^  As you can see I ran out of grey yarn so she has black feet shoes.  I'm not good at making amirigumi and especially don't do well with the facial features but it is what it is.  

There has been such mild weather this week that a large amount of our snow cover disappeared.   Can you believe we had a few days of  +4C!?!?

be like a sunflower so that even on the darkest days
you will stand tall and find the sunlight