Tuesday, July 17, 2018

good 'ol summer time .........

In my last post I mentioned we had finally received some rain - that 1/2" ended up being 4" over 5 days and was well received - the weather continued hot and windy and the moisture disappeared very quickly.  This past weekend saw a cold front come through - we arose two mornings to 10C - going from 33C to 10C  is quite a ride.  ^^

This year we harvested our very first zucchini at the cabin - usually they all abort - wasn't sure whether to preserve this one or eat it - nah, it was an easy choice to eat it!  I stirfried it with onions, garlic, mushrooms and chard (fresh from the garden) - yummo!

The buttercup squash is on steroids - one of the vines has taken off through the bush and is heading towards the road - for now we'll let it wander and see how far it goes.  I was surprised at the shape of these squash - then I realized I had purchased buttercup seeds rather than butternut - it's interesting being my age.  ^^

Hum (the hummingbird) is enjoying the scarlet runner bean - it's growing up the side of the verandah about six feet from the hummingbird feeder - it's most enjoyable watching the Hums visit all the flowers and then sit and take a long drink from the feeder. ^^

I've been crocheting for Fall - any guesses about what I might be making - they're mini - it's not much of a hint. ^^