Tuesday, January 29, 2019

something different ...

It's obviously a good idea to take a photo before displaying since the camera picks up the loose ends, etc. - I was so sure I had this wreath trimmed up nicely until I saw the photo.   I made this to have something different on the door - the last one I made didn't make the move with us.

This is an oldie that I'm sharing again ....

and I think to myself ...
what a wonderful world

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

I simply love stitching sheep.  ^^    I actually managed to stitch and finish a new piece for February!

Thankfully, the cold weather was short lived but, alas, so was the sunshine. 

The chart can be found  here.

it's not what you look at that matters 
it's what you see 

Friday, January 18, 2019

apparently ....


Apparently an Arctic outflow is responsible for the chill in the air today - with the windchill it is -40C which is the same as 40 below F - the temperature itself is only -30C.  The good news is that this cold air brings lots of sunshine with it which we're enjoying.

I made this quilt block early last month with plans to turn it into a cushion cover - unfortunately, Christmas and the flu got in the way.  It is one block from a Christmas Quilt by Lorna.
Her instructions are excellent.  I stitched this one entirely by hand just to see if I could - I enjoyed the hand stitching so much that I'll be doing it again. 

I enjoy making soup and it's especially enjoyable when it's cold outside.  This is what was in today's  soup pot - an easy recipe that cooks up quickly and is delicious  - based on this recipe . 

 from out of darkness and cold,
the light and hope return

Saturday, January 12, 2019


 I decided to try making some facial scrubbies - the idea behind these is to be green by not using cotton balls/pads that get thrown in the garbage - good idea and I like to be 'green'.  So I tried out a couple of patterns - one has some nubbies (that you can barely see in the photo) on one surface that are created by making a single crochet picot - the other has a lacey edge - I prefer the one with the lacey edge.  ^^  I like them and now need to make more.  I use them with baking soda.  I like a sugar scrub for my hands when I'm gardening or painting/staining but don't use it on my face.

 You will find instructions here and here .

a friendly look, a kindly smile,
one good act and life's worthwhile 


Saturday, January 5, 2019

wee mousie ...

This wee mousie is what I've been working on this past week.  It was a toss up whether  it was a male and should have a toque and scarf or a female with a hooded cape - I wanted to make the cape  - it can have a toque another time.    ^^  As you can see I ran out of grey yarn so she has black feet shoes.  I'm not good at making amirigumi and especially don't do well with the facial features but it is what it is.  

There has been such mild weather this week that a large amount of our snow cover disappeared.   Can you believe we had a few days of  +4C!?!?

be like a sunflower so that even on the darkest days
you will stand tall and find the sunlight