Saturday, June 30, 2018


RAIN - yessirree we got rain at the cabin!!  Having had just an inch and a quarter of rain since the snow departed it was delightful to awake early this morning to the sound of a decent rain - just checked the rain gauge and it shows a half inch - wow!!  It's been hot and sometimes extremely windy with rain all around us - finally it was our turn.  😊

This is a long weekend in Canada as we celebrate Canada Day on July 1 - here's our jar of fireflies to celebrate the occasion....


I read about peony jelly and just had to try it - problem is I have no peonies here but neighbour and friend E does so I got some from him and just in time - the hot, dry weather this year has resulted in early but short lived blooms.   I made this from red peonies and whilst it is very sweet it has a fruity flavour - I'm happy with it....

For several years the Eastern Phoebe has nested in the same spot - this year there were five little ones - my fella had the pleasure of seeing them leave the nest. 

summer should be issued speeding tickets

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

summer ....

Summer doesn't arrive till the 21st but we've had summer weather all week -
 it's downright hot and we're still waiting for some rain. 
This is another design by  Isobel.

           Green was the silence, wet was the light, the month of June 
trembled like a butterfly -
a blessed midsummer to you all!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

the latest info .....

This is the latest information regarding Blogger - it's not good news - now we know where we stand - thanks to Barb for sharing.

Anyway, since I made the jam I haven't been doing much other than tending to the gardens, etc.  My fella replaced one of the decks at the cabin and I was his right hand man - just needs to be stained now - waiting for a calm day with low humidity.  ^^

It seems that our winter began mid March and lasted till late April so what was a gal supposed to do but stitch - so here are some of the pieces I stitched - most of them will be used for cards.

sunsets are proof that endings can be beautiful

Friday, June 1, 2018

jammin' at the cabin .....

The talk of the town seems to be about blogger and the comment issues since the 25th of May.  I have learned how to receive the comments although they show up as 'no reply' which is no help at all.  I understand blogger is working on this issue and I hope they quickly come up with a fix.  Mind you, I'm surprised that they were reactive rather than proactive.

I thank all of you who left a comment on my last blog post - I won't be replying to your comments this time.  I also thank all of you who looked at my blog post.

I made some jam at the cabin using rhubarb, sugar and jelly powder - so simple and so delicious.  I used the hand blender once the rhubarb was cooked so there was no evidence of rhubarb - for the jam connoisseurs.  ^^

Whilst out walking last evening I came across wildflowers - three days ago there were none other than dandelions and they don't last once picked.  It's so dry the dandelions are quite small - I managed to pick enough leaves to add to the pasta sauce last evening - the bees have certainly been enjoying the flowers.  Even the lady slippers are quite small this year - they look miniature - I've never seen such small ones and they are exquisitely dainty ......

where wildflowers bloom so does hope