Monday, June 14, 2021

restart . . .

 It makes me chuckle whenever I read "did you ever stop to think and didn't restart" - I suppose many of us have felt that way sometime or other.  But it got me thinking about restarting our lives following this pandemic.  Many of us have been in lockdown for a year and a half (and still are) and during that time haven't gotten together with family or friends.  We've done other things to entertain ourselves  which makes me wonder if it will not be easy to restart visits with family and friends when the time comes.  After all friends and family have had to find other things to do as well - will we all be content doing those other things.  I guess time will tell.  And I wonder as well about handshakes and hugs - will it be easy to return to doing them . . . I hope so.  

I have learned that I can cope with the isolation quite well - mind you, it helps having access to the internet and telephone.  Will I enjoy shopping again - I don't know - I've not shopped, other than for groceries, for so long I can't imagine doing it again other than for essentials.  I've also learned that I can give myself a good haircut - who'd have thought?  

At the cabin the bees were busy and  enjoying the chive flowers - there are two in this photo.  ^^

if you can stay positive in a negative situation - 
you win 


Friday, May 28, 2021

rhubarb . . .



I made some 'rhubarb vanilla bean jelly' and it is absolutely delicious!!  Sadly, the vanilla seeds are not showing very well in this photo - if I had a third hand I would have held a jar up to the window for light so you could see the seeds.    I used this recipe and can tell you it is foolproof - ask me how I know.    It would be so tasty on vanilla ice cream and is actually quite tasty on a spoon.  ^^

Today we got our second jab for Covid.  My arm is sore just like it was with the first jab - it's a small price to pay for the protection.

We've been watching 'Mare of Easttown' and it is fabulous!!  Another one that I'm enjoying is 'Whitstable Pearl'.

you learn a lot by being silent

Friday, May 21, 2021

by the river . . .

  Finally we were able to stay overnight at the cabin - we have been making day trips but it was wonderful to actually spend the night.  The evenings and early mornings are the best time of the day there.  One evening we watched an Osprey fishing.  It was perched atop a neighbour's dead spruce tree and would suddenly make a dive and there'd be a big splash!!  Once it stayed a long time in the water which had us concerned but all was well - perhaps it was enjoying it's catch.  ^^

There have been dozens of pelicans on the river - usually there are just a few.  This year it is so dry that the river they usually inhabit is a mere trickle so I guess they migrated to our river.  The river is low and the big rocks are showing - the pelicans seem to enjoy standing on them.  

 Blue Heron is enjoying our shoreline again - it is so gorgeous although it sounds prehistoric when it 'speaks'.  It is quite shy. 


The chipmunks are back - one has a long tail and the other a shortened tail.  I'm sure there is an interesting story behind the shortened tail but they're not sharing it.

The birds haven't been as plentiful as usual but then there is nothing 'usual' about this year - seems like everything is screwed up.  The Goldfinches, Evening Grosbeaks and Purple Finches have been around along with the less colourful birds.  Blue Jay remembered to ask for peanuts, Crow knew to look for treats and a Baltimore Oriole visited - he is so beautiful!  Hummingbirds, male and female, have returned and put on a wonderful show!


 Although I've been absent from posting I have been reading blog posts.  I have not done much needlework but have read a lot of books.  In April we decided to move (again). We were not enjoying the current place and my fella was especially unhappy there - with good reason.  So, we moved back to a small community that we lived in a few years ago whilst we waited for the condo to be completed - it was apartment style with an outside door to the patio and an inside door to the central hall that led to the shared garage, etc.  Our new place is also a condo but each is like a separate house so we have our own garage, our own front and back doors that open to the outdoors.  It's nice for my fella to have his own garage so he can putter about if he wishes.  We also have a covered patio which is a treat.  This one has a very  nice layout that is comfortable and a superb kitchen. 

This is our first long weekend of the summer.  It is quite cool and wet.  I daresay no one is complaining about the rain although warmer temps. would be nice.  It is extremely dry in our province with several forest/bush/grass fires burning.  The rain is a blessing.  We talked to one lady this morning who was ecstatic about the rain - they raise cattle and were still feeding them but with this rain they'd be able to release them to the pasture to feed.  

This Buddha quote made me stop and think and I'm still thinking about it. . .

what you think, you become

what you feel, you attract

what you imagine, you create.

Friday, March 26, 2021

bunnies . . .

 I made these bunnies to give to our immediate neighbours.  A lot of folks are struggling with all the restrictions.   In February I crocheted some wee flowers to leave each neighbour followed by  hearts for Valentine's Day and  four leaf clovers in March - the bunnies are for Easter.    These minis don't take long to make and I understand that it's been a nice surprise to find one - I leave them on the purse shelves anonymously.   ^^   If such a small thing can bring pleasure to someone's otherwise mundane day I consider it 'mission accomplished'!  


These tags are a x-stitch design from  here .  I stitched them on some scrap pieces of aida and finished them as tags.  The tags are  kraft stock but photographed pinkish and the background is the same green as above  - some things defy a logical explanation.  I took the photo on a Monday - I've always liked Mondays - this particular one  was a day that went from bad to worse - and most of it was out of my control. ^^  

go the extra mile - it's never crowded


Monday, March 15, 2021

March . . .

 May the lilt of Irish laughter lighten every load,

May the mist of Irish magic shorten every road,

And may all your friends remember all the favours you are owed!

Lucie Heaton fairy

'Tis the Ides of March, soon to be St. Patrick's Day, followed by the Spring Equinox - dare I mention DST . . .  March is a busy month.  

follow your dreams - they know the way

Monday, March 1, 2021

welcome . . .

Can you believe it's March already?!  
This winter went by very quickly and I don't mind.

 A freebie from Plum Street Samplers. 

the slower we go  the more we see

Monday, February 22, 2021

 These are the pouches I made - assorted sizes - useful for all sorts of items. The black one shows the lining - lousy photo, I know -  I'm not going to sweat the small stuff.  ^^

Today I used up some fabric by covering my small ironing board - I rather like how colourful it is.  The wee tray is one that has been waiting to be assembled for months - today was the day!!  The centre portion is embroidered.

Our temperature reached +7C (45F) today - wow!!  And that was with a  mostly cloudy sky.  Snow has disappeared and there is lots of bare grass.   We had morning coffee break outdoors on the patio and sat out again after lunch - delicious!!  Hmm, wonder if it will get even warmer before the day is over. ^^

On the weekend I watched the movie "To Olivia" and this quote stuck in my mind . . . .

I can't unthink what I think