Sunday, September 13, 2020

this and that ...


These bookmarks were stitched with variegated thread.  It's an old pattern from my files without the designer's name; however, I think it was a Christmas design for a band for a candle or candy/cookie jar.  And 'believe' whatever you want - that the chaos of 2020 will end, there is a Santa, etc.  These are gifts stitched in colours appropriate for the recipients. The red one is for a friend who is now in long term care - she always lamented that her bookmarks were not long enough - she liked them to stick out both ends of her books and she read hardback books - I used to tease her that she needed to read smaller books. ^^  She has limited use of her hands and that was the reason she liked longer bookmarks.

Louise Penny is my favourite author.  She is Canadian and lives in Quebec.  Her stories feature a fictitious village in rural Quebec with some eccentric characters.  Who wouldn't want to live there!  I have actually lived in a similar village with  eccentric characters in rural British Columbia and we always say it was our favourite place to live.  I can relate to her village and characters.

Look at these sunflowers!!  These are at the cabin - the ones in our town garden are even taller!  The seeds came from Veseys and I had no idea they would be this tall - they are magnificent!

don't believe everything you think

Monday, September 7, 2020

a good read ...

 This was a very good read and I highly recommend it ...

I discovered this early one morning at the cabin - it's too cute to not share.  The morning glory vine had twined up the stake and to the water - later that day it was touching the cherub's lips  ...

it's better  to leave a person wondering why

you don't speak than why you do 

Monday, August 31, 2020

mayo mystery ...

 Recently a friend on the West Coast posted a photo of a delicious looking, healthy salad on her FB page.  She shops at her local Farmers' Market and everything always looks freshly picked.  Someone asked her what dressing she used on her salad and the reply was homemade mayo that didn't thicken.  I was curious about the mayo but didn't like to ask if if was thin by choice or by accident.  I frequently make mayo at the cabin and it always thickens with no problem and that made me wonder about making it less thick.  Not long afterwards we returned to the cabin and realizing that I'd forgotten to top up the mayo jar I decided to whip up some - our favourite is garlic (aioli) and chipotle - this time I combined the two flavours and the chipotle aioli is delicious.  So I whipped up - or should I say blended - the mayo till it was thick and let it sit for a couple of  minutes while I sterilized the jar for it - went back to the aioli and poured it into the jar ..... what,   poured it?  I've always had to spoon it into the jar!  Now I know how easy it is to make thin mayo but I still don't know how I did it - perhaps it was the power of suggestion.  ^^    I like this thin mayo because it can be used as a salad dressing for greens but isn't so good for mixing a potato salad, for example.

Recently, wanting a change from a vinaigrette on a green salad I tried a homemade Catalina dressing from here - it was very good!

So you might be wondering where this photo fits into the story - it doesn't but since I don't have a photo of the chipotle aioli I thought I'd show you a birthday card that I made for a neighbour who will be 90 in September.  If you were to meet this lady you would be surprised to learn that she's coming up 90 - I thought she might be turning 80 and was shocked to learn her correct age.  She is active, still drives, does her own cooking and cleaning, takes care of her 90 y.o. husband who has some physical issues, has a sharp mind - the list goes on and on - she is certainly an inspiration to us younger folks.  She has Scottish ancestry, as do I, and we both celebrate Robbie Burns Day thus it seemed appropriate to stitch her something that was a wee bit Scottish.  I daresay this design is lavender but it looks quite similar to heather so that's what we'll call it ... a bit of artistic licence. ^^  The envelope was made from gift wrap.

life is like a mirror - 

smile at it and it smiles back at you


Tuesday, August 25, 2020



Hedgehogs are so cute and seeing these I knew I had to make one.  I really like the neutral colours that the designer used and initially thought a wee basket of these would be adorable.  Common sense prevailed and since I really don't need a basket of  hedgehogs, no matter how cute they are, I decided to make one for a friend and that's why it's in purple .... it's her favourite colour.  This friend is also a neighbour and I know she's going through some difficulties with her husband who is unwell. The pattern is quite easy and requires no stuffing!

In the past week we've received rain - there's been a shortage of it this season.  Of course, the farmers are harvesting and weren't appreciative.  In town there was 3.5"  and at the cabin there was 1".  I was shocked when I looked at the rain gauges since they usually show just a tenth of an inch.

There are more Covid cases in our province now than there's been in the last 5 months and just as school is set to restart. 

accept the situation and move on

Tuesday, August 18, 2020


 Just popped in to say, "hello"!  

We've had a quiet summer spending most of our time at the cabin - it was our sanctuary, our escape from all the craziness of the virus.

I have done very little needlework but have read many books, many good books.

The gardens did okay but with very little rain and lots of heat they didn't produce as well as other years.  By the first week in August the plants were dying off and it looked more like September.

The chipmunks entertained us and kept us company - we appreciated them.  They were busy little critters all summer, busy collecting and storing good for the winter.

The Morning Glories were beautiful this year .

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

summer hugs ...

I left off the word 'sending' on this cutie since it's for me but wouldn't it make a lovely card 'sending hugs' to someone.  

 Sending Hugs - Rhona Norrie

Weather in May has been not so nice with a couple of record breaking overnight low temperatures - what the heck?  This coming weekend is our first long weekend of the summer season and two of the big lakes still have some ice on them.  I won't be planting the garden in town or at the cabin for sure till after the weekend - we can't even buy our tomato plants yet.  Some good news is that a tree came down over the winter and has given us a really nice supply of very dry firewood for the cool nights just now - at the cabin.  

My blogging is going to be hit and miss for awhile and I will read your blog posts whenever I can.

Take care and enjoy summer how ever you can.  

MOM - the same  frontwards and backwards
and upside down is WOW !

Thursday, April 30, 2020

just in time ...

I got this one finished just in time!  
The pussy willows are from the cabin - they were 
plentiful and easy to find this year. 

Lizzie Kate

Time continues to fly by - expected it to move much slower with the lock down - spring weather isn't rushing to arrive. ^^

it never hurts to keep looking for sunshine