Wednesday, November 25, 2015

and another one ...

Found this cute square heart block here and decided to give it a whirl.  Things were going well so I turned it into a tray mat - will look nice on my rectangular tray which just happens to be at the cottage.  ^^

I came across the Santa whilst de-cluttering.  Many, many years ago when we had large gatherings for Christmas I always made a table favour for everyone.  This one was a plastic stem glass with fun fur glued on for a beard, two wiggly eyes, and a tiny red pom pom for the nose.  His removable hat was made from felt and a white pom pom.  These were filled with candy and/or nuts - depending on age and  preference.  Those were the days and how I miss them ... thank goodness for memories.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

seed catalogue

The first seed catalogue of the season arrived
this week and I must admit that I'm enjoying looking through it.

I've done a bit of sewing that isn't Christmas related.
Here's a new table mat .... not that I needed another one  ^^

And 'matching' magic coasters - these really are magic!  They're made from one piece of fabric (each) and go together amazingly quickly ... here's the link

And whilst on the subject of coffee - how about a
 coffee liqueur?
Into a clean jar (with a lid) pour 4 cups of vodka, add 44 sugar cubes and 44 coffee beans.
Let it sit in a dark location for a few weeks, give it a shake now and then and it's ready to serve ... don't forget to strain off the beans.  ^^

And a new cushion cover ....
you just 'gotta' love that sunbeam! 

And last but not least I'd like to say welcome to my newest followers.   I appreciate everyone that comes by for a visit.  Unfortunately,  there are more and more blogs that I cannot leave a comment on but rest assured that I'm visiting.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Christmas projects ....

Using my favourite pattern I made a Dresden for the Christmas season ...

with a yo-yo for the centre.

And a star table mat.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Friday, November 6, 2015

Christmas stitching .....

This is the sum total of my Christmas stitching thus far  ....

I customized this one for the recipient - it's one of Lynn B's mini cats .
Beads were added for the eyes and it's backed with dark red felt.

This one is a Lucie Heaton design.  The whitish spot on
 Rudolph's nose is a sparkly bead.  

Another Lucie Heaton design. 
 Both are photographed on my daughter's
 Emma's Tree

I'm not sure whose design this is - I stitched it earlier 
this  year and finished it just recently.