Sunday, March 4, 2012


 These are the handbags I've made.  The one that I most recently made is not shown  because it needs some embellishment and I've not quite decided what to do.

The first one is made from a painting drop cloth.  This product is hard to come by here since most are plastic.  This "fabric" is so versatile. - I love it!

The second one took me the longest but then it has a zipper across the top, an outside pocket with a flap and several pockets in the interior.  I made it from a panel that I didn't know what to do with.  

The third one is made from a remnant that I picked up in a thrift store - the colour doesn't show up well but it is a light brown tweed.  This remnant was 50 cents for an approximate meter (yard).

The fourth one is  made from part of the leg of a pair of jeans - that part with the pocket.   ;)   I deliberately left the edges ragged.

All the bags are lined.

I use all of these but the denim one is used most often .... I like to travel light.

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Sharon said...

I love your handbags, Kate! Especially the first one made from a drop cloth with the cute lining of polka dots. Last year, I made our living room curtains from drop cloths.