Sunday, September 22, 2013

Autumn and a finish ...

I turned one of my summer projects into a card
for a lady who is celebrating her
100th birthday - quite a milestone!  The
card is going all the way to France.
Happy Birthday Madame!

To celebrate the arrival of autumn I have something to give away.
There are for two x-stitch charts and a crazy quilt needle case kit.
If you'd like one or the other, leave a comment saying which one you'd like - the x-stitch charts or the needle case kit.  The contest will be open until September 25th.



Carol said...

What a special card for a special birthday--100 years old! WOW! I hope she is in good health :)

SoCal Debbie said...

Hi Kate, thank you for commenting on my blog. Now I am a new follower of your blog, too! I would love the chance to win the cross stitch charts. Loon Lake is so pretty and I have a nice piece of green fabric that I could stitch it on!

What a nice card you made! My grandma will be 101 soon and she is still alert and very funny. I visit her a few times a week.

Anthea said...

Hi Kate, what a gorgeous way to use your cross stitching, the 100 card is so lovely... what an amazing life milestone!
Thanks for the chance to have a win... I would love to win the crazy needle case... that's if o/s entries are being accepted!

Pull the other thread said...

Wow 100 that is fantastic and what a beautiful card to give. I would love a chance to win the cross stitch charts please, love the balloons.

Jo said...

What a special card for a very special birthday. Love the chance to win the crazy patch needlecase. Hope you are settling back into your winter home.

Valma said...

wow, what a birthday
It's not my grandma, she is only 92 =)
a lovely stitching for a kind gift
if overseas friends are welcomed in your giveaway I'd love to have the chance to win the crazy needle case =D
thank you