Saturday, November 2, 2013

are you nuts

I am delighted to report that Blogger is back up and running today - I have no idea what Google did with it yesterday but it was most frustrating.

I was determined to make this hanger but I said to myself, "Are you nuts?".  You see, I'm not very good rather useless with sewing wee pieces.  I could never make Barbie doll clothes -  I could crochet them but not sew them.  I dug out this pattern, which is from Kim Diehl, and started to cut the appropriate many 1.5 inch squares?  Anyway, I persevered and finished it.  It's not an award winner but it was an accomplishment and I don't ever have to sew with wee pieces again (unless I want to) because I've been there done that. And now I have another door hanger to display for the season.


Robin said...

It's cute and you did a good job. Sometimes we just need to try something to see if we can then decide that we don't need to again. :)

Robin in Washington State
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Linda said...

Fabulous decoration and well done stitching all those small pieces together.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

That is a very sweet finish, you made a great job of it. Small things are very fiddly to stitch!

Emma/Itzy said...

It's lovely! I am terrible at stitching small things together...I have no patience for it!

Karen said...

You go girl -- working with SMALL pieces is not my forte either but you did a fantastic job -- display with pride! Thanks for sharing. Karen on Keuka

Anthea said...

No you are NOT nuts Kate - but you ARE clever, patient & have produced a wonderful decoration for the Festive Season! I love it, well done x

Pam @ Quilting Fun said...

Love your door hanger. Fabulous. How big is it? Could you make it ornament size or would that be over the top tiny pieces?

Valma said...

I love it :)
you did a beautiful piece. I agree with you , sewing small things is sometimes hard...but i couldn't knit or crochet Barbie clothes either =D
The different fabrics you used are really pretty
well done =)