Monday, April 7, 2014


Hiatus - an interval during which continuity is suspended: break, gap, etc. 

 That's what I'm going to take - a hiatus from blogging.    I'm not a good story teller and am not one to talk about myself;  I'm not a designer so I can't offer free patterns and/or designs; and there are the issues with Blogger that have been time consuming to correct.  I shall return with a post now and then if/when I think I have something that you might enjoy.  

The weather has warmed up and the snow is disappearing - finally!   We're being told this was a record breaking winter but that gives me no pleasure.  With Climate Change record breaking events are happening more frequently.    Soon we'll be spending time outdoors and at the cabin where we are technology challenged ... ahh, the joys of the backwoods.

Here's my Spring/Easter candle mat. 
   Cedarberry Stitches offered this design on Facebook.



Anthea said...

Hi Kate - I really think that if blogging becomes a chore, or boring, or a task, or something other than a pleasure, then it's the best thing to do... take a break and do what you love, whatever that may be... I am sure you will love your time at the cabin and be provided with plenty of joy from nature and your crafting when you are there...

We have just come out of a 'record' period too - my beautiful little city got rain just over a week ago - after over 115 dry day - the weather, it is a'changing!

Take care xx

Mii Stitch said...

Enjoy your break Kate and hope to read you sometimes in the future :)

Timi said...

This little chicken is so lovely!
I am sorry you are taking a break...but I hope you will come back soon!
I was so surprised to read about the weather in your country, because we got just the opposite: warm Spring, lots of sunshine and the trees are blooming! It's beautiful! I wish I couls send you some sunshine!!! :o)

Annabella said...

Enjoy your break - I think it's good to take one from time to time.

Jo said...

Love your Chick, something special for Easter or just a bit of Spring cheer.....very pretty.

Enjoy your break Kate, I have enjoyed reading your blog, and look forward to seeing you again once you are refreshed.

Valma said...

hoooo my sweet friend, I sincerely hope everything is OK and that it's just a need for a break with blogs....(we all need one from time to time ....)
I'm going to miss you very much <3
This last candle mat you're showing us is really cute, so Spring in its colours, lovely chick and great choice of fabric again
I send a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge warm hug from here

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...


Carol said...

Your newest candle mat is so sweet!

We'll miss you, Kate--please do post now and then to show us what you've been creating :) Enjoy your time at the cabin--I'm sure you're really looking forward to it after this winter. Take care now...

SuperMomNoCape said...

What a cute candle mat!! Enjoy your hiatus and your time at the cabin where you can be unplugged from technology. We all need breaks like that. I've been on a bit of a hiatus myself not from my blog but from facebook. I haven't logged in for over a month or more now. I thought I would really miss it but surprisingly, I don't.

Ana Lopes said...

Hi Kate, I love this sweet chicken!
I'll miss you but I hope you enjoy your break with lots of sun :)
Love and hugs from Portugal!

Ana Love Craft

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Take care and enjoy your break! Lovely looking candle mat :)