Wednesday, July 29, 2015

cottage country pix

July has seen a mixed bag of weather from hot and humid to a haze (sometimes thick) of smoke from the northern forest fires.  Then the rain began and it has the poor manners of not knowing when it's time to leave.  :(

I assume Blogger has been making changes again since there are several blogs that I can no longer leave comments on - this began when I tried leaving comments using the laptop and I assumed it was something to do with that but the same thing is happening with the desktop now.  I've checked and re-checked settings and mine are the same as they've been since I started blogging.  So, if I'm not commenting on your blog post - that's the reason;  I assure you that I'm still reading your posts.

We have a resident tree frog who resides on the inside of the door of one of the sheds.  Most days it's the colour of the shed door but I was lucky enough to catch it in full colour - a beautiful shade of green!  There is also a baby tree frog who is a bright green but it's not around when I have the camera out.

One morning there was a flotilla of geese (Canada Goose) and we counted 45 goslings!  Soon they'll be learning to fly and that's always very entertaining since there is much squawking and flapping of wings to begin with.

What we saw ......

Reflection of the smoke haze pink-orange sun.

River mist.

A carp (fish).

Red sky at night sailors' delight
 Red sky in the morning sailors' take warning


WoolenSails said...

Wonderful photos and this weather is way too hot for me.
I cannot stand having to close up the house, but with bad air days, I have to.
Hopefully I can get out and enjoy some wildlife next week.


Timi said...

Oh, these geese are so cute! It'sa wonderful thing that you can live near the lake in Summer!
We had some terrible days of heat...but now it got cooler so I enjoy the 22 C :o) it's way much better than the 37-38 Celsius!

Bev C said...

Hello Kate,

How lucky to have your very own frogs. I do enjoy the local bird life we have on our river. The photo of them all in a row is wonderful.

Happy days.

Pull the other thread said...

Such amazing photos, thanks for sharing! What a cute little froggy visitor, glad it's the animal and not the stitching frogs.

Carol said...

I envy you your relaxing days at your cottage, Kate--really enjoyed your photos today :)

Anonymous said...

What great photos. Thanks for sharing them. Are your blogger issues with embedded comment boxes? Those cause a lot of problems for many people, so I was curious if it's starting to cause problems for blogspot people, too.

A Nudge said...

One goose hatched so many goslings?! I don't know that much about Canadian geese. Do they bunch up the little ones into a group? HOpe the rain helped with the fires. Thanks for sharing a bit of your world, Kathy.

Brigitte said...

Such a wonderful place to spend some time and to relax ...