Sunday, September 6, 2015

it crossed my mind .....

This is the last long weekend of the summer and wouldn't you know it there was widespread torrential rain!  Not only did it spoil the weekend for the working folks but it  put the farmers' harvest on hold.  We came in from the cabin on Sunday; we left in a drizzle that turned into a torrential downpour.  The wipers were having no effect on the rain and we should have pulled over except that the lightening was wicked - almost simultaneous lightening and thunder so it was close and we figured we were safer as a moving target than a sitting duck.  At one point it crossed my mind that our time may have come .... imagine going out with a blast from a bolt of lightening!!  Our cabin is in the middle of nowhere and it's a 40 minute drive to the edge of nowhere before we can turn onto the road to somewhere ... and lo and behold the rain eased up and the lightening was behind us.  Off to the west we could see blue sky and we were joyful since home is to the west .... the clearing was short lived so it was just a tease.  We always stop at Corner Gas in GP to fill up the car, buy a cup of their good coffee, and use their immaculate facilities and it just happened to be in a dry spot.  When I was returning to the car an older fella (older? he was likely my age) and I exchanged 'good morning' and he said we just missed a doozie of a storm .... I smiled and said we just drove through it.  ^^  We did arrive home to sunshine - how nice!

A flock of blue jays entertained us for a few days but I wasn't able to get a photo of them - they were quite shy.  Nonetheless we were delighted to have them visit.

I'm trying to be creative with strawberries ...... there's room for improvement.  Both are made from drop cloth and one has dimples and a piece of old lace tablecloth for the hull with cotton yarn for the stem whilst the other one has a hull crocheted from the same cotton yarn and jute for the stem -  I think it looks more like an acorn  ;)

Here's the full moon in August shining through a haze of smoke from the forest fires in Washington State ....  can you see it peeking through the leaves at the top of the photo?


Brigitte said...

It is always very scary to be trapped in the car during stormy weather. Good for you that you got through it without damage. And hopefully the weather is now a lot better at your place.
Your strawberries are adorable.

Mii Stitch said...

Glad you're back safe & sound :)
Very pretty little strawberries!

Anthea said...

very arty moon pic there Kate... glad you were safe in the terrible weather... I would have chickened out & stopped!

Anonymous said...

Love your moon photo with the water reflection - really beautiful shot. That storm sounds like the kind it would have been nice to stay in the cabin and enjoy! I'm glad you are home safely now, and making strawberries. Or Acorns, whichever, they are great! You know, some black seed beads sewn around randomly might look like strawberry seeds - or dark brown, maybe?

Helen Philipps said...

Lovely moon pic and sweet little strawberries....glad to hear you were safe and sound in the dreadful weather.
Helen xox