Sunday, October 4, 2015

a few things to share .....

It's a damp. grey day here but it's not cold.  We're just home from closing up the cabin for the winter - it was so windy there for a couple of days that all the leaves came off the trees.
Now that we're home to stay for awhile I need to start the fall cleaning .... I do it in the fall rather than the spring.  I used to do spring cleaning, too, and actually enjoyed cleaning but I smartened up.  I'm on the band wagon with de-cluttering, downsizing, etc. trying to practice minimalism.    I tell myself that if I haven't used in the last year to toss it out but it never fails that as soon as I toss it I'm looking for it for a project.  Alas, I guess that's Murphy's Law.   

I have a few things to share with you .....

These are both Buttermilk Basin designs.  The top one I made 
into a pocket and the bottom one is a mini wall hanging - the
tree that it's on is one my hubby made from weathered
wood we found at the cabin.
I appliqued onto drop cloth for both of them and
backed the wall hanging with burlap.

This is the weathered wood tree.

And for my cross stitch friends  - this is an Ursula Michael design.
I have no plans for it just yet but will likely use it
 for a card or a tag on a gift.

And just look at these beautiful sticks that Beaver left behind - they're perfect for hanging mini quilts/wall hangings! 


Linda said...

It's been a grey day here too. Your projects are really sweet. Good luck with your cleaning. I am constantly de-cluttering, some days I feel I'm getting somewhere other days I don't.

WoolenSails said...

Our leaves are just starting to turn, so next weekend we should see some nice foliage in the upper areas.
Love your pieces and how you hung it on the tree, I was thinking of making one, I do have some old wood that i saved, but it got left in the rain so need to dry it out good. I also collect sticks, like using them for stems and small pieces.


Linda said...

super cute projects! I am trying some decluttering too. It is a bit difficult.

Irene said...

wow, sei brava tu e anche tuo marito :) Bellissimi i ricami

Timi said...

It seems autumn has arrived everywhere...:o)
I love those sticks! What a great idea to use them for mini quilts!
Have a nice week!!!

Mii Stitch said...

Great projects!! I love autumn, my favourite season, the colours are just wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Those sticks look so clean and wonderful! The little hangings - well, how little are they? - look great. I especially like the first one. Very fallish. Your husband did a great job on that tree. It's quite appealing.

Carol said...

I'm more of a fall cleaner, too, Kate--just makes more sense to clean after the windows have been opened all summer letting in pollen, etc. I'm sure you are missing your cabin, but at least you have some long winter days ahead to craft :)

Your wall hangings are so cute and what a great collection of sticks to use for future finishes!

Helen Philipps said...

Love the wooden tree and the wooden sticks you found are perfect for your lovely autumn hangings! I am having a sort out too at the moment and getting rid of things I never seem to use....but will probably want next week now, as you rightly say!
Happy weekend.
Helen xox

Brigitte said...

Oh I love these little pumpkin pieces that you made and hung on that wooden tree. They look so great. That wooden tree is a very creative idea. And you are right, the sticks will be perfect for wall hangings. I have to keep this in mind the next time when I walk through the woods.