Friday, January 8, 2016

having fun ....

We're having a cold snap just now and it gives me a good excuse to have some fun trying out different blocks ....

 This one is from Eleanor Burns of Quilt in a Day - she was showing
how quickly these blocks (without the green sashing) could be
sewn together; she matched these with 4 patch blocks. And they do
sew up rather quickly.

 This is a sample of a fold and sew block - the outline in chalk and the centre block are all
sewn simply by folding the fabric then stitching it - no piecing.  The back side 
has no raw edges.  The video for this one and several others
can be found here.  So far I've made just this one. 

This is a Friendship Star Variation - the variation comes from the four 
corner pieces.   This idea comes from Sarah.

November mini cat from Lynn B.  It's backed in a red plaid - I tucked a piece 
in at the upper right corner (facing).  There are green beads for eyes and
each of the snowflakes has a crystal bead in the centre.



WoolenSails said...

Those are fun blocks and fun to stay in and sew when it is cold.
I took my machine in and went to use my little one and it is giving me fits, so I cannot finish my project, errr.


Anonymous said...

it looks like you're still in the Christmas spirit ^^

Carol said...

I love the cold months ahead for crafting, Kate! Looks like you are really accomplishing a lot--I especially love the November kitty :)

Anonymous said...

It's good to just have fun once in a while!

Brigitte said...

Cold weather and lots of snow means lots of crafting. And quite obviously not only for me. Such great blocks that you were making. And the little kitty looks so darling.

Silvia LGD (Little Green Doll) said...

Beautiful blocks! I love the mini cat, it's so cute :)

Lynn said...

Hi Kate,

Just popped over to look at your blog, I am catching up, I see you have made ice skating mini cat, he looks ever so cute and I love the fact that you have stitched pearls in the centre of the snowflakes!