Monday, May 15, 2017

this and that ....

Hum (a ruby throated hummingbird) arrived on schedule - May 15th!! And at 10:15 a.m. - we were just heading out to the car to come home to the apt. when he showed up - so pleased that he let us know he'd arrived safe and sound - these little creatures are amazing!

Not much going on in the handwork department these days but this is a rug I started last fall and I usually work on it each evening - it's my current cabin project - I'd forgotten about this over the winter so it was a pleasant surprise.  The large ball of  rag yarn is black although it looks purple in the photo.

This past week I kept busy at the cabin with the annual spring cleaning -  it's amazing how much dust accumulates over the winter - and I discovered that I didn't clean the oven last fall. My time outdoors was spent getting the gardens ready for planting. 

This is Nigel the squirrel's offspring being mischievous - it's the first time we've seen a squirrel in this feeder - soon he'll be too big to squeeze in - the red wing blackbird is patiently awaiting his turn.

  This was dinner one evening when we had a visitor - you'll find the recipe here - the steam is still rising from it - the fellas loved it!

  I love this gnarly looking bread - it's so good toasted!

always help someone - you might be the only one who does


WoolenSails said...

That feeder might keep our squirrels out, they are larger, but I am sure their offspring will be here, once they are old enough.
Looks like a nice project to work on. at the cabin, I do love doing lap projects.
Love homemade bread but I can't have yeast anymore, so I am limited to quick breads.


Robin in Virginia said...

What wonderful pictures you shared, Kate! I love the one with the feeder, the squirrel and the bird. Enjoy your week!

Needled Mom said...

It is always surprising to me to see the amount of dust that collects when everything is closed up.

That little squirrel is so cute.

Your rug is going to be great.

Timi said...

That bread looks soooooo delicious! Did you make it?

Anonymous said...

Lovely cabin things. I love that you get to spend warm time there. I wish I had such a place. That squirrel is going to be very surprised one day when he can't get in for his free meal! LOL I should really do that rug thing with some ugly scraps. I could use one in front of the kitchen sink.

Carol said...

I always enjoy reading about your summers at the cabin, Kate :) What a relaxing way to live... love seeing the little snippets of nature! Your bread looks delicious--that is something I hope to get better at when I retire. Of course, I'll probably gain 100 pounds :)

Nice little rug! Funny how the black does look purple on our computer screens!

Helen Philipps said...

Love hearing about your summer cabin. Your bread looks delicious, and I love your little rug. Happy weekend.
Helen xox

Brigitte said...

So nice to see your little hummingbird back. And what a sweet picture of the squirrel finding its way in and out the feeder - still, lol.
Great little crochet rug.
That dinner with all the wonderful vegetables looks so delicious. I often make similar meals and they are usually big success with guests.

France Nadeau ❅ inspiration imagination creation said...

Isn't pleasant to find a forgotten unfinished project? :-)