Friday, October 21, 2016

the finished pocket ....

Here's a photo of the finished pocket that I had mentioned here......

With reluctance we closed the cabin for the winter.  We draw our water from the river so the water line needs to be pulled out before freeze up.  This year the river is VERY high so we made good use of the chest waders.  Since we now live so close to the cabin we can visit quite regularly  and it's because we live nearby that we were able to stay there this late in the season - it was quite a treat.  Before we left I filled a suet cage with peanut butter balls made with all sorts of goodies and the chickadees were enjoying the treat along with several blue jays - sadly, I didn't get a good photo of them.    

life is short ... smile while you still have teeth

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

time for tea .....

Last month Lynn B had a giveaway and I was the lucky winner!!!  I love mini cat and was delighted and honoured to have a mini cat that Lynn had stitched herself.  The heart shaped charm at the top says "handmade with love" and there's a sweet teapot charm at the bottom; she also designed and made the gift bag and card - a very talented lady.  How cute is this .......

Thank you Lynn.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

out and about ...

Just a few photos taken in cottage country  - enjoy .......

The spots in the middle photos surprised me - it wasn't raining but the humidity was high ... kind of amazing what the camera picks up.

live your life and forget your age

Friday, October 7, 2016

busy work

With the cooler weather and shorter days I've been doing some stitching and here's a sample.  ^^  These will most likely be used for cards.  And I actually have some Christmas projects underway but more of that in another post.

Not long ago we took a day trip to visit my aunt.  It's about a 3 hour drive from the cabin, a pretty drive and especially so with all the fall colours.  We knew there was light rain in the forecast but we drove through quite a mixed bag of conditions - light rain, heavy rain, lightening (and presumably thunder), heavy fog and light fog.  All the time we visited with her there was light fog and it was warm.  She lives in the town where I grew up. We went out for lunch and did a wee bit of shopping and had a wonderful visit - the whole time we were out and about I met only one person that I know .....  Because of the foggy conditions we left for the return trip home a little earlier than usual -  fortunately we encountered light fog only and followed the heavy rain to the cabin but didn't have to drive in it.

enjoy the little things

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

circa 2016

I've been following along with Temecula Quilt Circa 2016 blocks and have managed to make several a few with my scraps.   If I put all of these together in one quilt it'll likely look like the proverbial "dog's breakfast".  ^^   I've been making these to improve my skills with tiny pieces.  These are some of my favourites ......

Amazingly, there hasn't been any frost yet at the cabin and the flowers are still blooming their heads off - gotta love that.  ^^  Just look at the size of these cosmos!!


I say WELCOME to my new followers.  ^^  Would you leave me a comment so that I may visit your blog. 

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Friday, September 23, 2016

making do and something is lurking .....

Since I have limited resources at the cabin this cutie was a case of  'making do' and that was a blessing in disguise .... I think I'm  more creative when I don't have much to work with.   The design is by Jeni.  I stitched it on my favourite background - dropcloth.  ^^  My plans are to make this into a hanging pocket.

 It's been a most splendid end of summer and beginning of autum and we're still at the cabin  - there have been a few cool nights that gave us a good excuse to light a fire ^^ followed by some warmer weather.  The leaves are changing every day but still hanging on.  My daily walks are less interesting although very colourful  - no evidence of wildlife other than a squished frog  but I've seen a couple of wooly worms and surprisingly they are not very wooly .... I've never seen such scantily clad wooly worms and wonder if it's some indication of weather to come.

Do you think there might be an alligator lurking ....  ^^

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Friday, September 9, 2016

Paris ladies .....

These ladies are a Theodora Cleave design - when you visit her be sure to check out her beautiful advent calendars.  I've stitched 6 of these ladies but temporarily misplaced the most recent two .... but they have been found! ^^  I had a neat idea for finishing them but with the move I'm having to rethink that plan.  

Where did August go ...  I have to keep reminding myself that it's September already.  ^^  Mind you, school supplies have been in the stores since mid July so I knew it was coming.  These are a couple of good books that I read in August .....

everything happens for a reason