Thursday, November 19, 2015

seed catalogue

The first seed catalogue of the season arrived
this week and I must admit that I'm enjoying looking through it.

I've done a bit of sewing that isn't Christmas related.
Here's a new table mat .... not that I needed another one  ^^

And 'matching' magic coasters - these really are magic!  They're made from one piece of fabric (each) and go together amazingly quickly ... here's the link

And whilst on the subject of coffee - how about a
 coffee liqueur?
Into a clean jar (with a lid) pour 4 cups of vodka, add 44 sugar cubes and 44 coffee beans.
Let it sit in a dark location for a few weeks, give it a shake now and then and it's ready to serve ... don't forget to strain off the beans.  ^^

And a new cushion cover ....
you just 'gotta' love that sunbeam! 

And last but not least I'd like to say welcome to my newest followers.   I appreciate everyone that comes by for a visit.  Unfortunately,  there are more and more blogs that I cannot leave a comment on but rest assured that I'm visiting.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Christmas projects ....

Using my favourite pattern I made a Dresden for the Christmas season ...

with a yo-yo for the centre.

And a star table mat.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Friday, November 6, 2015

Christmas stitching .....

This is the sum total of my Christmas stitching thus far  ....

I customized this one for the recipient - it's one of Lynn B's mini cats .
Beads were added for the eyes and it's backed with dark red felt.

This one is a Lucie Heaton design.  The whitish spot on
 Rudolph's nose is a sparkly bead.  

Another Lucie Heaton design. 
 Both are photographed on my daughter's
 Emma's Tree

I'm not sure whose design this is - I stitched it earlier 
this  year and finished it just recently. 

Friday, October 30, 2015

last one for fall .....

This could be my last project for fall.  Whilst de-cluttering I was sorting through some craft magazines and came across an old issue of Create and Decorate with such an appealing cover I had to sit down and leaf through it ... and that's where I found this design.  I'd already labelled the magazine with 'save' and it's definitely a keeper.  Create and Decorate no longer publishes nor offers access to their archives - such a shame.

I used dropcloth for the pocket and lined it with a piece of flannel from an old shirt - the applique is felt.  I brushed on some cinnamon to antique it.

Look what we awoke to earlier this week -  it disappeared within 24 hours
but served as a warning from Mom Nature. 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

the rooster ....

The rooster has been finished but I goofed.  My plan had been to make a fabric tray to hold 4" cocktail size napkins - I took all the measurements (including seam allowance) and added the extra fabric (it's not rocket science)  but ended up with this small tray .....  :(  
  I still like it although it doesn't seem to have much purpose now.   If I wanted to give it away I could fill it with wrapped candy - hmm, this is one piece that I think I like too much to give away. ^^

Saturday, October 17, 2015

pumpkin time

No doubt I'm beginning to sound like a broken record  -  the warm weather is still with us and  we continue to sort and toss and are making good progress.  Hubby has his shop (aka garage) down to the bare bones ... I told him how impressed I was.  We have a carload of goodies to be taken to Value Village on our next trip to town.  Needless to say the garbage bin has been well used, too - why do we save so much crap junk!

When I saw this pumpkin mini quilt here I had to make one and couldn't believe how simple it was - my kind of project.  ^^