Sunday, September 30, 2012

the road goes on forever .....

This scene reminded me of Willie Nelson's "the road goes on forever ....."

 We've had the most fabulous, warm weather this past week with temperatures in the high 20s C (low 80s F) and it's commonly referred to as Indian Summer.  Whilst we spent a lot of time outdoors on yard work, etc. we also took advantage of the fine weather by getting out and about and even had a picnic.  Here is some of what we saw the day we went for a picnic, which incidentally was little dog's 9th birthday - I think she enjoyed her day.

This is beautiful Childs Lake in the Duck Mountain Provincial Park in Manitoba; it's commonly referred to as The Ducks.

Here we're at the head of a walking trail - little dog likes it here.

 This is what we ran into as we crested a hill.  The horses were quite shy of us  so I took the photo from inside the vehicle rather than risk spooking them any more.   Little dog, a border collie, wanted to lend a hand to the range riders.  The horses and colts were magnificent.  It was a stunning end to a gorgeous day.

If you're wondering ..... today is much cooler, mostly overcast, and windy.


Tangos Treasures said...

Wow!! Those are some great shots!!

Valma said...

Ho my !
so great pictures
thank you for sharing with us
you need to have your car full of gasoil before taking this amazing road =D