Friday, October 26, 2012

day tripping

Since we are retired we spend the warmer months trekking back and forth to the cottage.  When we closed the cottage this fall we decided that we would take a day trip once a week until we opened the cottage in April - whether that was to town to have lunch or to visit a new area.   In this province the further south one travels the fewer trees are found and our most recent day trip took us about 150 kilometres  (93 miles) south where we ran into the coulees along the Qu'Appelle River and very few trees.  I love the coulees and I think they must be great fun for the children who live near them and those who ride horseback. Here are a few pix from that trip.

Looks like the wild west. 

1 comment:

Valma said...

awwww !
what pictures
seems to be taken from 'out of Africa' but it's impossible =)
you're so right to do those trips !
thanks for sharing with us