Tuesday, October 23, 2012

showing off or sharing

Sometimes when I post pix of my finishes I feel like I'm showing off although I prefer to call it sharing.  Here are my latest finishes - thanks to football season.

The "Fall" ornie is a design from Blueladie Designs.
The Cathedral Window is a tree ornie and both sides are identical. 
 The other is my own creation that I stitched with cotton perle.  Apparently "it is what it is" is the latest "buzzword" but I first heard it a few weeks ago when a football coach was being interviewed about a bad call by the officials; when asked what he said to his team about it his response was that he told them 'it is what it is'.  I really like that expression and it's  more polite than some.  My son, J, and I have had rather interesting email conversations about "iiwii" and thus, this idea was born.  
These ornies  will be tucked into cards this Christmas.  The red one is for the mother of the little guys who are getting the bean bags since she trims her tree with handmades.  The other is for a good friend.  The deer was a free design from here.
There is also one for our own tree stitched in the same green as above.  I backed them all with a winter print.


Anthea said...

Kate, I love to see your 'showing off'! Your stitching is just gorgeous, thank you for sharing it with us...
And sports are the birthplace of lots of silly(or wise) sayings & cliches, are they not?! Certainly here in Aus, we take pride in mocking the sporting cliche or commonly spoken term... LOL

Sue said...

I think you should 'show off' what you have made, if you don't rung your bell who else will?
Lots of people like to see what we have made and hopefully it inspires them to have a go, please keep sharing you lovely crafts.

Valma said...

I love when you share
We are here to share aren't we ? =)
I love Fall
you always find such little cute pieces to stitch
keep going on =D
Big hugs

Ana Lopes said...

So delicate and beautiful your stitches!I love Christmas motives!Thank you so much for coming over and following me, now I'm doing the same for you :)!
Have a wonderful week!

Hugs from Portugal,

Ana Love Craft

Carol said...

Well, if you "show off", we all do, Kate :) I think we should all be proud of our work and you never know how your finishes will inspire others! Your ornaments are so cute and the Cathedral Window design is lovely. I've always admired quilts that use that particular design.

Hope you are having a great week :)

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

That's a great way enjoy football!

Thanls for sharing