Sunday, November 25, 2012

creative links

 The tutorial for the Tomte can be found here.  I made this little guy last year - isn't he loveable!

I made this half-eaten Gingerbread Boy last year also.  You'll find the tutorial here.

I couldn't resist including this photo of Little Dog checking out the Gingerbread Boy ... "nope, doesn't taste any good".

This door hanger was one that I made a few years ago.  The tutorial is found here.

Santa's gone country and you'll find the tutorial for his Gift Bag here.
This is my newest project ... yeah I know, it's a crummy photo but the other one was worse.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

LOL.....very cute Kate you have been busy..

Tangos Treasures said...

Too cute!!

Anne said...

Very cute, love that gingerbread boy!! :)

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Golly is there no end to the creativity out there!
So much I want to make but I know any day now I'll burn out!
Haven't even started on Christmas cake and mince pies yet!


Mii Stitch said...

You've been very busy!! Looks like the dog wants a piece of that gingerbread man :D

Valma said...

indeed you've have been very busy =)
your gingerbread man is so funny, very well done =)
Tomte is really cute too
I love the gifts bags !!! thank you for the link
I have to add this on my to-do list !
happy crafting sweetie
Xmas inspires you =D
Big hugs

rosie said...

Hi Kate,
Thankyou for all the links, there are so many gorgeous things out there.. Can't wait to get some time to try them..

Carol said...

Ha ha--I love the little half-eaten gingerbread boy, Kate!! You sure have been busy lately! The fabric gift bag is such a great idea for someone who crafts/ sews, too... Will have to check out the tutorial.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Thanks so much for the links - I love every one of these. :) blessings, marlene