Monday, May 20, 2013


We're just back from spending a couple of weeks at the cottage.  Whilst there we did the spring cleaning inside and out and planted most of the garden.  The weather was a mixed bag of hot, cold, very windy, breezy, sunny, and overcast - something for everyone.  Interestingly, there were no leaves on the trees when we arrived but everything was as green as could be by the time we headed home.

These are the coasters that I made for the cottage using cotton yarn from a pattern found  here. 

 The Man of the House made this gazeebo birdfeeder and Nigel the squirrel modified it.  The birds will go inside to dine and are quite entertaining - these are goldfinches.  Luckily for us the birds were migrating whilst we were at the cottage so we were well entertained by many varieties. 
This was a favourite spot for Little Dog .... under a spruce tree on a bed of leaves. There are a few birdfeeders above her but she and the birds get along quite well.

First rainbow of the year!
The sunset last evening!


Anonymous said...

what lovely pics Kate,such a lovely place.xx

Jo said...

Sweet colourful coasters, and some wonderful photos of your surroundings. Love that bird house/feeder.

Valma said...

wow, so beautiful pictures....
and your coasters are so sweet, very good idea
and the colours are perfect for summer and cocktails =)
We missed you a lot, but that's great you had a good moment at the cottage
big hugs

Tangos Treasures said...

Yay glad your back!! Love the coasters & bird feeder!

Carol said...

Your time at the cottage sounds so wonderful, Kate... Just love the goldfinches at the new feeder and your coasters are so bright and summery. Glad you got the garden planted. It must be a lot of work keeping up with the gardening on two places!

Anthea said...

Hi Kate, great pics as always - how wonderful to enjoy the migrating finches, they are so brightly coloured... and the sunset is stunning, no wonder you love it there!