Saturday, June 1, 2013

just blooming .....

These are some of the wildflowers in bloom just now in cottage country along with a couple of other pix. We were delighted to discover a couple of wildflowers that we hadn't seen before. 
It's been cool and extremely windy, which has been unpleasant ... I was in a turtleneck and jeans the entire week that we were away.  However, we were appreciative that the heavy rain stayed south of us. The really good news is that the garden is up and thriving.

 Hum, the hummingbird, kept us well entertained with his antics to and fro and in and out of the verandahNigel, the squirrel, kept Little Dog occupied....she says that one of these days she's going to catch that guy!


Ana Lopes said...

Hi Kate, I'm glad that now you have Spring after a heavy winter ! This year we have lots of wind too. Beautiful photos! I love wild flowers and green fields everywhere.
Have a fabulous weekend!
Hugs from Portugal,

Ana Love Craft

claire93 said...

a lovely medley of photos

Linda said...

Hope the weather improves for you soon - lovely photos of the wildflowers you've seen. We've been lucky and had three - yes three whole days of sunshine - can't possibly last.

Carol said...

I love the way wildflowers turn up in the most unexpected places sometimes--looks like you have a lovely variety there, Kate!