Sunday, June 16, 2013

after the rain .....

We just spent a couple of delightful weeks at the cottage!  The garden is doing well there but there are very few birds around now.  We had a lovely meal with friends/neighbours E&M who are both fabulous cooks and hosts; they served up fish and chips (fresh caught pickerel) along with homemade perogies and strawberry shortcake.  Another day other neighbours were cutting down a tree and it fell on the power line ... oh boy, were they ever being teased about it!  Power was off for 4-5 hours but considering cottage country is out in the boonies we thought it was rather good service.  Fishing is starting to be productive so we've had a feed of fresh caught fish - yummy!  The weather has been so-so; still a lot of wind and on the cool side.  One day there were tornado warnings issued for at home and at the cottage but nothing materialized; usually tornadoes come with the heat and humidity and we've not had any of that yet - curious.

It rained overnight and this is what greeted us first thing in the morning .........

Mr. Spider was busy but the wind was causing some problems .....

These wildflowers are called 'hoary puccoon' and have the loveliest fragrance.  When I was growing up there were fields of these flowers and we called them 'cowslips'.  I think cowslip sounds much prettier than hoary puccoon. 

Little Dog resting after fishing - she tries to herd fish toward the fishing line .... it's most amusing.  I should add that she thinks she's herding the fish - the results say otherwise.


sew.darn.quilt said...

Sounds lovely. Thank you for the chuckle about Little Dog :D

Carol said...

Sounds like such a relaxing time away, Kate!! Herding fish--now that's a new one!!

Jo said...

You certainly had a great break away, good food and relaxing....well not relaxing for the dog if he had to herd the fish.

Ana Lopes said...

Wow Kate what a fabulous place, I almost can feel the smell! I love Nature even with rain and wind :D I love to hear about your relaxing time.
Your sweet Little Dog is so fun!
Have a fabulous week!
Hugs from Portugal,
Ana Love Craft

Valma said...

what a relaxing and wonderful time you had
even with no electricity for a few hours =)
it seems so great to be at your cottage
I wish I was there with you (but I won't eat fish =D)

Linda said...

Isn't it great being able so see parts of the world without having to take a flight anywhere. I'm enjoying seeing your photos of your trip too!

We call them Cowslips in the UK and they are a protected flower.

Little dog looks very proud of the herding efforts.

Have fun. x