Sunday, August 18, 2013

a new tablecloth, cucumbers, and wild chokecherries

This is the last of my scrap quilts .... I sewed the quilt top last summer and added the backing and hand quilted it this summer.  I didn't use any batting so that I could use it as a tablecloth.

We're just back in from the lake for a couple of  days.  The weather was quite cool for 3 weeks but not any more ... oh my, it is very, very hot.  Even Little Dog was finding it hot so she spent a lot of time in the water and last evening I caught her standing in front of the fan when she'd come in for the night ... she's no dummy.  Of course, there is a storm brewing now but we do need rain.  We harvested our first cucumber of the season.  This is the first time I've grown cucumbers in a hanging basket - it worked well.  When we bought these petunias they were a deep burgandy with a thin white stripe and look what happened to them as they continued to produce more blooms.

Neighbour Ed asked if we'd like some wild chokecherries and I said I'd love a 4L pail of them ..... he brought us 3 pails like this (as you can see I haven't picked them over yet).  
The wildlife love these cherries!  It's one fruit that we pick without sampling .... they are so sour that your mouth immediately puckers up but on my, they do make a mouth watering jelly or syrup.   I've cooked them down and already made one batch of syrup (yummy) and will take the rest of the juice back to the lake with me to make into jelly.


Sharon said...

So nice to catch up with you Kate! What a nice neighbor to bring you the chokecherries! Wish we could send you some rain as we've had more than our share this summer. Such a nice scrap quilt for a tablecloth!

sew.darn.quilt said...

Love your quilt/table cloth Kate! The hanging cucumber (fantastic idea) and chokecherries are looking yummy. Soak up lots of sunshine :)

Mii Stitch said...

Love your handmade tablecloth, so pretty & colourful :)

Anthea said...

The tablecloth is a great idea Kate - and of course a wonderful way to use up those little pieces too good to throw away x

Valma said...

wow ! your tablecloth is really beautiful !
what a job you did on this piece....
very well done, I really love it :)
I think I'll have to stay several days when I'll visit you, hehehe, because I would love to taste so many things !
you can now add wild cherries syrup & jelly
cherry is my favourite fruit =D
have a great weekend
big hugs