Thursday, August 15, 2013

peanut butter, rainbow, flowers, and a confession .....

These gorgeous blooms are Lavatera .....

The rainbow in cottage country was a complete one 
but I couldn't capture it in it's entirety; a few minutes later
 it was a complete double rainbow.   
Cottage Country is the pot of gold!

These Impatiens have bloomed like crazy all summer. 
They make their home in an old galvanized mop bucket that
sits under a large poplar tree - I think they're happy.

I made some peanut butter!  It was so easy and so tasty 
and would be a fun project with kiddies.  It went from this ....

to this in 5 minutes.

If you're wondering how .... put the shelled peanuts
 in a food processor and process until they are buttery and as fine as you like, then add a bit of oil (I used canola oil) and salt to taste (sugar is optional). 

Now for the confession ..... we're spending most of our time in cottage country this summer. 
 We have no internet connection there, which means I write and post my
 blog posts whenever I am home then schedule them to appear.  Sometimes I
goof up and they don't appear when I expect them to.  The downside
to being away so much is that I don't get to read and
enjoy fellow blogger posts in a timely fashion.


Jo said...

I don't think I have ever seen a double rainbow, must have been spectacular. Enjoy your summer at the cottage catch up in those winter evenings sitting by the fire.

Valma said...

ho please sweetie, add peanut butter to the menu when I come =D
(still no fish hehehe)
I looooooooooove peanut butter and it's extremely difficult to find some in France !
beautiful pictures again you're sharing with us
enjoy your time at the cottage
big big hugs

Ana Lopes said...

Hi Katie, I love rainbow and double one is really amazing! . The flowers and Nature are so wonderful! I'm impressed how it's so easy to make peanut butter.
Enjoy summer time in your cottage country.
Hugs and love from Portugal,

Ana Love Craft

Anthea said...

My gosh Kate, the rainbow looks like a postcard! The double would have been amazing to see, they don't form very often... as for your blogging & reading of them, all I can say is that your enjoyment of your Cottage is so much more important... ENJOY!!