Friday, October 4, 2013

I finally found it!!!!!

I finally found the x-stitch Christmas Ornaments magazine - hurray!!!   We were in town today and lo and behold there it was - OMG, I was so excited.  I looked through it all the way home - good thing the Man of the House was driving!  There are enough projects in here to keep me busy for months.

I know, it's a lousy photo but the sun is shining today and we're so happy to see it plus the photographer is excited.


Valma said...

so super
I can understand why you're excited =D
We don't find foreign magazines where I live but I saw it on the internet, I think I won't resist long hehehe =D
enjoy sweetie, can't wait to see some little cuties made by you

Carole said...

Now this is a good idea - I'll have to look out for it - I could do with some small stitching projects to do! Cheers

Anthea said...

Good for you Kate - mine should be arriving to me here in Aus very soon, ordered it online so I can make something for this year, or else if I wait for it to get to our shores, it will be February 2014!!

♥ Nia said...

Have fun with your new patterns to stitch :D