Thursday, October 17, 2013

my oddball collection ....

I'm intrigued by unusual quilt blocks and usually have to make one just to prove to myself that I can.  Consequently I have a wee collection of oddball blocks some of which I'm showing here.

 This is a pleated tree block that I made this morning and that's what gave me the idea to share some of the others with you.  I've tucked a piece of paper between two of the pleats since they aren't that readily seen in the photo.  I was really pleased with this one.

 These are some other Christmas ones that I've made.  The big one with the red 'ribbon' has a 3D bow in the centre.  The small one is supposed to be a snowflake.  My favourite is the package block.

My favourite one here is the small faux cathedral window - what a magnificent quilt these would make!  The small aqua one is called 'hugs and kisses'.


Linda said...

Wow. really nice blocks. I like them all. oddball blocks are great for making pillows.

Anthea said...

Kate the blocks are gorgeous - and what a good idea to make a 'trial' - they would indeed make a great quilt or perhaps a lovely runner or centre for your table x

Valma said...

wow !
those pieces are really beautiful !!!
I wish I was that good at quilting (at the same time... I have never tried for the moment :D)
They are all beautiful but I'm in love with the first one =)