Thursday, February 20, 2014

another one .....

We had tease of Spring with some warm
 weather earlier this week - hooray.  However, it's cold again and with fresh snow.   
 It's been a long winter this year. 

I've been doing a bit of spring cleaning because I just know that once it warms up
 I'll want to be outdoors!!

Here's another scissors holder - this one can hold 3 different sizes .... 
if I lose one I'll lose them all.

 Aa new cosmetic bag with a boxy bottom - easy to make and roomy.  
The pattern is from So Sew Easy.  

This is a sampler baby blanket/cover .... it would be ideal as a carriage or sled cover for baby.  It used up a lot of my odds and ends of yarns and enjoyed learning a few new stitches - my favourite was the star stitch.  I got the idea from here.


Timi said...

The scissors holder is a great idea! Try not to loose it! :o))))
We have Sprimg snow just rain....but warm weather!

Linda said...

These are fabulous, lovely bright and cheery. We also have also had some sunshine this week in between the showers.

Anthea said...

This is such a brilliant idea Kate - I confess that I have so many pairs of scissors that even if I lost 3 of them, I would plenty more to use until I found the missing 3...
have a lovely weekend Kate - I hope the suns shines for you x

Valma said...

2 wonderful new pieces here =)
this cosmetic bag is really perfect
it's a long time now since I've been sewing a zip =D
Very great job you've done, thank you for the links, so sew easy is such a great site !
we thought it was almost Spring beginning of the week, but it's so raining now and it is so cold that I'm sure Spring will wait a bit before arriving ere !
but no more tempests is already great !!!
have a very good weekend =)
big big hugs

Anonymous said...

Lovely stitching, love the pretty fabric. I lose my scissors all the time.
Have a good weekend (:

Karens Quilts, Crows and Cardinals said...

Ah Kate your projects are splendid -- and about that spring cleaning -- oh my goodness I haven't even thought about it. Thanks for sharing the link on the cosmetic bag -- sweet! Take care, Karen

Carol said...

We are having the warm weather right now, but it ends tomorrow...right back into below freezing weather. This has been the hardest and longest winter I ever remember!

At least you have your pretty projects to keep you busy inside, Kate--lovely job on all :)

Ana Lopes said...

Super cute projects and lovely fabrics you used!
Have a nice day!
Hugs from Portugal,

Ana Love Craft