Friday, February 7, 2014

Murphy's Law

Believe it or not this journal cover took me half a day to make instead of an hour or so.  I'm not sure if I had a mental block or was SOS (stuck on stupid).  Mind you, Murphy's Law seemed to be in control this past week even in the sewing room.    The good news is that I did finally finish it but only because I refused to give up.   My favourite go-to recipes are in this journal so the coffee fabric seemed appropriate.  I had a stitched piece that said 'recipes'  that I'd planned to use but knowing it would likely need to be washed frequently I decided against it.
I've had some Blogger problems, too, and was about ready to say farewell; however, yesterday much to my delight I was able to solve the last of the recent problems.  No doubt, there will be more arising since Google is always changing something with our account.  Alas.
My newer sewing machine is on strike as well.  Fortunately, I still have my older one and it bailed me out...I praise her every day for that. 

Today is hubby's birthday but I promised him
I wouldn't mention his age.   ♪♫♪



Mii Stitch said...

Your book cover is lovely Kate!! Glad you've decided to stick with Blogger & managed to solve the issues. Happy Birthday to your hubby ;)

Shari said...

This fabric is fabulous...your book looks awesome! Happy Birthday to hubby hope he has a great day!

Valma said...

hooo happy birthday to your other half sweetie =D
Will you prepare a special cake ? =)
I'm happy you won your struggle with google...that so boring all those changes !
Maybe I was in the same situation and some of my comments never appeared on the blogs :-/
your book cover is really great !!
perfect piece of fabric as well as the sewing =)
very well done
we're now having another tempest, Qumaira they called it ! awful !!!
have a great weekend
big hugs to you both but a very special one to hubby =)

sew.darn.quilt said...

Birthday wishes for your Mr.!
I like that, SOS!! :D Tell me, can it transfer over to other areas of one's life? ;)

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Bags twisters to Hubby. No doubt he will be getting some extra fuss today.

I love that fabric, I have a lap quilt made of it. It's one of Glynn's favorites.



Maria said...

Your journal cover looks great...beautiful fabric! Hope you hubby has a great birthday :-)

Anthea said...

Glad you got the Blogger issues sorted Kate - they must have been bad for you to consider tossing it all in!
Love the journal cover, just perfect for a recipe binder.
Happy Birthday to your hubby, we all know he is only 30, LOL x

Carol said...

That is so cute, Kate--and such a perfect place to house all your favorite go-to recipes! I know just how long it can take to finish things... I don't think people who don't do their own finishing really understand that a seemingly simple finish can take hours!! Lovely job, anyway :)

Happy Birthday to your husband!! Hope his day included a nice big piece of cake :)

Mariana said...

The jornal cover is lovely! I love the fabric and you made the right call not to had the embroidery label on it. we can she from the fabric what's inside of your jornal :) Happy B day for your hubby.

Timi said...

I think this journal cover looks great! And I am sure your husband like it too! :o) Happy belated birthday!