Friday, October 7, 2016

busy work

With the cooler weather and shorter days I've been doing some stitching and here's a sample.  ^^  These will most likely be used for cards.  And I actually have some Christmas projects underway but more of that in another post.

Not long ago we took a day trip to visit my aunt.  It's about a 3 hour drive from the cabin, a pretty drive and especially so with all the fall colours.  We knew there was light rain in the forecast but we drove through quite a mixed bag of conditions - light rain, heavy rain, lightening (and presumably thunder), heavy fog and light fog.  All the time we visited with her there was light fog and it was warm.  She lives in the town where I grew up. We went out for lunch and did a wee bit of shopping and had a wonderful visit - the whole time we were out and about I met only one person that I know .....  Because of the foggy conditions we left for the return trip home a little earlier than usual -  fortunately we encountered light fog only and followed the heavy rain to the cabin but didn't have to drive in it.

enjoy the little things


WoolenSails said...

Wonderful pieces, it is fun to make small things that work up quicker and we can use as gifts.
We are getting wonderful weather, hope it lasts all fall.


Timi said...

These finishings look lovely! Just like your flowers :o)
I am glad you had a great time visiting your aunt!

Brigitte said...

It's always great to come back to places that you know from the past. Nice to read about the visit with your aunt.
These little stitched pieces are perfect for cards.

Mii Stitch said...

Lovely finishes and flowers!!

Anthea said...

How lovely to visit your 'home town' Kate... glad you were safe while travelling through all those weather conditions!
Very cute little stitches happening too, you're a quick stitch!

Anonymous said...

I love the way you displayed those cute little stitcheries! What a wonderful visit with your aunt. I'm glad it was safe and happy in both directions.

Anonymous said...

I'm also into stitching small designs at the moment - it's a lovely way to feel motivated

Needled Mom said...

Those look so pretty and I love that cosmos flower.

Glad that you enjoyed your visit. Driving in the fog is always risky. Bet you were glad to return home. ;-)