Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Having fun

I was having fun in the sewing room today.  I decided to make  Katie's Poncho.  I haven't sewn for myself for ages and have very little knit fabric in my stash but I did have a lovely knit dress that I hadn't worn very often, didn't wear any more, and loved the fabric and colour; I'd been saving it to make a skirt  but I have enough skirts so nothing was happening .... am I ever glad I didn't part with it.  There was enough fabric to make this poncho - it's dead easy and quite attractive.   The bodice of the dress had a lovely scoop neck with long sleeves but was too short to be of much use and then the  light went on  "ahha" moment happened!  By adding some knit fabric to the bottom and trimming the long sleeves I now have a t-shirt.  I used to do this kind of sewing all the time for the children and myself so it was such fun to try my hand at it again.  
Now excuse the backdrop for the photos that were taken in our "under construction" basement.  The hanger covers were made from vintage hand crocheted placemats from which I could not remove all the stains .... they made lovely, padded hangers. 

I apologize for the photos ... I had cropped them but something did not work right and the poncho pic is not where I wanted it to go.  I am still learning how to do some of these things in blogger.

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