Saturday, January 28, 2012

Le petit sac (the little bag)

This is my latest finish, a little bag (le petit sac). It would make a great gift bag and done up in appropriate colours would make a cute Easter bag. I found the pattern here on a French blog. If you'd like the pattern, open her blog and on the right hand side look for "catégories" and under that title you will find "mes tutorials" - Geneviève will email it to you. She speaks English. She also has photos of several bags that others have made .... oh my, there are some beauties.
Geneviève's photos in her tutorial (a PDF) are so good that you can likely understand what to do without translation. I chose to make this one using metric measurements just for the challenge.
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Sarah said...

Adorable little bag. Are those little pockets along the edge?

Sharon said...

That is so cute!!! Thanks for the link!