Saturday, December 29, 2018


This beauty was a gift from my friend K - a hand painted wooden snowflake  (front and back) ...

I hope all of you made lots of good memories this holiday season.
My fella and I had the flu for two weeks and only just now feel like we will survive - it's been wicked.  Perhaps made worse by the fact that we haven't had the flu for 20 years - seriously - so we were out of practice.  Fortunately, we weren't expecting company for Christmas nor were we going anywhere.  I had planned to leave the shortbread baking till the week before Christmas since baked goods were disappearing quickly - consequently there was no shortbread for Christmas - a first in my entire life (and I'm no spring chicken).  On the bright side we'll celebrate Hogmanay, Scottish New Year, with shortbread, bubbly  and all the other goodies we missed. ^^

If I have not replied to your recent comments kindly excuse me for the rudeness.   

from me and mine to you and yours,
 Happy New Year,
 and lang may your lum reak!



Needled Mom said...

The flu season has hit here too. UGH. I love your sweet ornament.

Timi said...

Őh..I am sorry to hear that you were sick! So glad you are much better now! Take care!!!
Happy New Year!!! :o)

Carol said...

Oh, dear! I'm so sorry to read about your horrid flu... Hopefully, 2019 brings health and happiness your way, Kate! Shortbread will be a treat whenever you do get it made--enjoy! And Happy New Year ♥

Ann said...

Sorry to hear about the flu. Several years back I woke up Christmas morning with the flu, worse than I have ever had it in my life. I spent the entire day in bed and a couple days after too

Tangos Treasures said...

Hope you feel better!!
Ornament is beautiful!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh I hate to hear that! I hope you are both feeling lots better now. That old flu bug is awful! Love your pretty new ornament! Happy New year!

Maya Kuzman said...

wow! The snowflake is exquisite! Such a lovely gift!
I also hope this comment finds you in good health and high spirits!
Happy New Year Kate! May it be a marvelous one for you!