Wednesday, February 1, 2012


First thing this morning we loaded the doggies into the vehicle and headed to town (an hour away) to pick up our new eyeglasses.  Of course, a trip to town always entails a long list of items to pick up including dog food. 

Today we had some really good coupons for dog biscuits so "our girls" were treated to quite an assortment ... their pantry is full; I just love it when I open the pantry door and there is little dog sniffing out all the treats along with a longing look in her eyes for just one sample; old dog will come to check it out if she thinks a treat will be handed out.  They are such fun.  We were able to find everything that was on our list along with some things that weren't.  The weather this week is incredibly mild and puts everyone in such a good frame of mind ... talk about happy people everywhere!  Always, on the way home from town we stop at a wee hamlet with lots of green space to let "our girls" have a run and a bathroom break (yes, I'm a pooper scooper) if needed.  Today little dog was on full alert as we neared this hamlet but Mr. BB drove right by - it was priceless watching her reaction and I'm sure if she could speak she'd have said, "Dad, you missed the turn!".  Just to fool them Mr. BB took the next entrance into the hamlet and that raised ears and wagged tails. 

Top of my list was to pick up Leonard Cohen's new CD 'Old Ideas'; we had the privilege of listening to it on-line and knew it was one we had to have but it wasn't in the stores until January 31.  Today at Walmart they had one copy left - woohoo!!!!!!  We listened to it over and over all the way home.


Teje said...

Hi! Your dogs are so beautiful and I love that photo! My Nero also loves drives with car and always wants to have his head outside!

Sharon said...

Your fur babies are so cute! They look like they are having such a good time! :)