Saturday, February 18, 2012

Teddy Bear stitching

Karen at Sew Many Ways recently had a post on her blog about likes and dislikes about blogs and she invited readers to comment with their own likes and dislikes ..... I've read a few of the comments and there seems to be a general theme - pop over and check it out yourself.  The good news is that I'm possibly not offending too many readers, lol. 

I've been working on some blue work stitchery - same as red work but using blue floss (DMC 312) - making some teddy bear squares that will become a baby quilt top.  This a.m. I moved the latest completed block to the sewing room, planning to take some pix of the ones that are done to show off share.  Somewhere along the way the stitchery disappeared and I was left holding the paper pattern .... this was a short trip from living room to sewing room.  I retraced my steps 3 times even getting down on the floor to look under furniture (not an easy exercise first thing in the morning at my age) - nope, no stitchery .... what the heck?  I gave up and mentioned to Mr. B that if he came across it would he pick it up and he says, "do you mean this?" Guess I'd walked right by it every time and I had even turned on the light .... maybe it's going to be one of those days, lol.  Anyway, the lost is found so that's a good thing. 

A few days ago I deleted thought I had deleted the date from our camera but when I downloaded the pix today there it was - my regrets.  I think I now have it deleted, lol.


Sharon said...

I went over and read the likes and dislikes about blogs. I guess mine is relatively okay, too. :)
Isn't it frustrating when you KNOW you just had something and then cannot find it?! Years ago I lost a small crochet hook and didn't find it until we moved my recliner and it fell out. LOL! I remember looking all over that chair and even moved it back then to no avail.

Sharon said...

Well, I also meant to tell you that your blue stitching is adorable!