Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Prim bunny, my version

Since I've been admiring all the cute prim bunnies that abound on the internet I decided to attempt one of my own.  First, I needed a pattern but I'm no artist so I folded some paper in half and cut out the shape that I wanted (#1).   Then I drew it out on muslin and sewed two pieces together following the line that I drew (#2) leaving the bottom open for stuffing and turning right side out.  Before proceeding any further I aged the bunny (#3) with a mixture made up of strong coffee, vanilla, and cinnamon - ummmm, smells delicious. Once that dried, I embroidered the eyes with French knots and the mouth in stem stitch, stuffed her, and added a jute ribbon.  Oh yes, I added a bit of blush to her ears and  cheeks, which is how I know she's a lady.   Now I have a prim bunny  (#4) to add to my spring basket! 

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Carol said...

Aww...he is a perfect prim bunny :)

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

That is way cute. I haven't seen these bunnies on the net but as we all know what bunnies do best I guess I'll be seeing more soon!

Sarah said...

Very cute and I'll bet he still smells yummy!