Sunday, February 26, 2012

My vices ....

I must admit that Coronation Street is one of my vices.  Doc Martin and Vicar of Dibley are favourites, too.  Unfortunately, we no longer receive many British programs.  We started watching Downton Abbey this week and the network started off with Episode 1 of Series 1, thank goodness. 

 My paternal Grandmother turned 19 in October of 1912, which is the year when the Downton Abbey tale begins.  She was in service so we're having a glimpse of what life might have been like for her.  Since she was a nanny I suspect she didn't spend much time "downstairs" and I know she didn't work for a family anywhere near as wealthy as these folks.  Grandma came to Canada in May of 1912 and I can't help but think of the fear she and the other passengers must have felt knowing that the ship (Titanic) that sailed a few weeks earlier sunk with so many passengers losing their lives.  I cannot imagine leaving my family behind knowing that I'd likely never see them again and taking up residence in another country like she did.  I'm glad she was adventurous.  This is the ship she sailed on.

I was most fortunate to know all my grandparents and especially Grandma Mac as we affectionately called her - she was a sweetheart and spoiled us (my bro and I) rotten, apparently.  All my grandparents had passed away when my sisters were's hard to imagine growing up without knowing a grandparent. 

My project in the sewing room this weekend  involves a tomato can - watch for updates. 

Another vice of mine is to read the news online first thing every morning, which of course means  checking  my email inbox as well.  Yesterday and today there was an email from our son who lives in France ... what a great way to start a day!


Sharon said...

I wasn't fortunate to know my mother's parents as they both died before I was born and didn't see my dad's parents very often as we had several states between us. However, my own daughter has been fortunate to know both her grandparents and spend lots of time with them. It's such a special relationship and I'm happy she was able to experience it.

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Coronation Street a vice? I think not. if it is we're deep in vice here! Also love Downton abbey. We are currently watching a re run of the second series. I think the third comes out in September. A long wait!