Friday, February 17, 2012

Just babbling .....

Yesterday we made a trip to town.  It was like spring and the stores are starting to display seeds, pots, soil, etc.  -  felt like a kid in a candy shop! My few houseplants are telling me that spring is on the way ... it fascinates me to see the plants changing at this time of year - they seem to come alive!

 Interestingly, there were so many people, mostly  with a certain colour of hair, carrying out bird related products that I just knew there were lots of birds showing up at feeders .... surely a sign of spring.  We, too, had nearly run out of black oil sunflower seeds and were rationing the birds for a few days earlier this week.  As soon as we arrived home yesterday the bird feeders were filled to the top and I'm pleased to say that the red polls and pine grosbeaks are dining!  Mr. Downy Woodpecker has tried out our suet log a couple of times but I think it's too close to the house so it will be moved further away today in the hopes of enticing him to be a regular visitor.

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