Monday, February 27, 2012

The tomato can

Just last week I was whining mentioning to my husband that I was making all this stuff and it was just accumulating.   But I don't want to stop making stuff cause I like making stuff and what would I do instead of.   This weekend I stitched and sewed a cover for a 796ml (28 oz) tomato can .... and exactly what am I going to do with it?  You see my dilemma.  Anyway, he suggested I made some of this stuff just for the challenge and that's not all bad - isn't he a sweetie!

Here is a pic of my tomato can complete with lid. I can see myself making more of these, without the stitchery,  for storing various items in the bathroom, for example .... have you ever seen a q-tip or cotton ball holder this cute?  Since this one has a wee pincushion on top I think it will be used elsewhere.


Shell said...

I make things just because I like to as well Kate. Stuff which has no particular purpose like hanging doo dah's. Theres a limit to how many dangling things I want hanging in the house so I give alot of my stuff to my Mum and sis.

Sharon said...

It turned out so cute, Kate! I love the Spring colors you used!

Carol said...

What a cute idea, Kate!! I love the colors--especially that rainbow of pastels in the top and bottom. I think we all make things for the feeling of accomplishment. Do I really need 100 cross stitched ornaments on my tree? No, but they are so darn cute and I love making them so that's what matters :)