Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Can you believe that February is nearly over? Perhaps the mild winter we've been having is making the days/weeks fly by. Soon it will be spring and I know that the list of things I planned to make over the winter will still be a long one, lol. Before I put away my February basket of hearts I wanted to show off share some of the individual hearts. I've enjoyed making all of these and they've kept me busy on  long winter evenings. The pansy heart in the bottom right I made for my mom when she was in personal care and when she passed away my sisters returned it to me - it's special.  In case you're wondering, it says "Joy comes from simple and natural things".
This past weekend was our first long weekend of the year and it was a mild one - woohoo!!!  Yesterday I had planned to make a handbag in the morning, which should have been about a two hour job ..... here I am this morning with it still in pieces on the ironing board - ever have those days when you have non-stop interruptions?  I also had planned to write and publish this post yesterday, alas.  C'est la vie!
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Sharon said...

Hi Kate! I love your hearts. They are all so very pretty and feminine. Did you crochet the doilies too? Yes, I have many of those days where not much gets accomplished because of interruptions. That's why I LOVE the days that I actually get a lot accomplished. :) Hoping today is one of those days. LOL!

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Thanks for sharing the hearts close up. Your Mum's one is very special.
If you can make a hand bag in two hours I take my hat off to you! I find making handbags very time consuming.