Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sorting .....

I spent the morning sorting through 3 bins of fabric, etc.  and now have three empty bins and know exactly what I have in my stash  and all the fat quarters are sorted by colour - what a relief.  One of the bins was filled with assorted yarns - I used to crochet and do plastic canvas.  I  didn't discard the yarns but sorted them and made them fit into a smaller box that is well labeled so a future decision will be easy.  lol  In the box of yarn was a crocheted something or other and whilst I knew what it was for I wasn't sure if the second piece had been made ... sure enough there it was along with the pattern - Eureka!   This mystery item was a crocheted cover for a plastic hanger; the two pieces slip over each end of the hanger and are stitched together at the centre; I stitched them together and now have another fancy hanger .... why  it didn't  get stitched together years ago is beyond me. 
There was a sense of accomplishment today and that's a good thing.


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Sharon said...

Before I started quilting, I did a lot of crocheting and knitting, so I have lots of yarn and crochet thread. I plan to use it but need to get it organized. You have inspired me! It will have to wait until my back is better though. :)